Analyzing the proper PNUT price and change the circulation by burning PNUT

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Since 40,000,002 PNUT were burned, the PNUT circulation has been changed.

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According to TRONSCAN, the PNUT circulation is 128,741,133 today(17th Oct, 2021). However, burned 40,000,002 PNUT should be excluded in the circulation. Therefore, the circulation is 88,741,131 PNUT.

Additionally, There is some PNUT needed to be excluded in the circulation.


5,837,764 PNUT of a SC(Smart Contract) address which is the 3rd holder and starts with TYY, should be excluded in the circulation. The address was discarded due to frequent errors.

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Thus, the recent PNUT circulation is 82,903,367 PNUT.

The proper PNUT price is related to the TVL(Total Value Locked)

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Elements related to PNUT TVL are as follows.

1). The amount of SP(STEEM POWER) delegation to @nutbox.mine


6,747,361 SP($3,978,918)

2). The amount of staked TSP(Tradable STEEM POWER)


43,975 TSP($25,932)

3). The amount of staked TSTEEM(Tradable STEEM)


0 TSTEEM($0)

4). The amount of PNUT-TRX LP pool



5). The amount of TSP-TRX LP pool



Thus, PNUT TVL is as follow.


Proper price of a De-Fi token=The total amount of pool×0.2~0.4(Experience figure referred by ETH De-Fi tokens and TRX De-Fi tokens)÷Circulation of a De-Fi token


Proper price of a De-Fi token=$4,200,379×0.2~0.4÷82,903,367 PNUT=$0.0101~0.0202


Actual price of PNUT=$0.0235

You can check whether the PNUT price is near the range of the proper PNUT value.

Now, it can be concluded that Increasing PNUT TVL makes PNUT price go up.

Elements related to PNUT TVL are as follows.

1). STEEM price
2). The number of SP delegation
3). TRX price
4). The amount of PNUT-TRX LP pool, TSP-TRX LP pool

If Peanut(Nutbox V1) has lots of pool through continuous development and expansion afterwards, and STEEM&TRX price is recovered since the crypto market is recovered, isn't PNUT now just 1st step?

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