[Notice] TOPAZ Level System is up and running

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Hello, Steemians!
This is nTOPAZ, the Talented Network Service for digital artist and content creators.
It's been almost a month since the nTOPAZ platform opened.
Today, we are announcing the TOPAZ Level System, which will take effect in 2019.
We hope that the passion and influence of the talented will shine even more through this system.

1. What is TOPAZ Level System? ('19.1/1~ )

TOPAZ Level System.jpg

  • Reflecting Talent Levels and Influence of the Talented
    [Cumulative Respect-Points and Follower-Counts must be met simultaneously]
  • Voting weight difference according to TOPAZ level
    [Existing: 1 Respect is 2pt → Change: weight based on LV(2~10pt)]
  • Additional points for winning contests or obtaining badges
    [ Contest Award x Gold(+100pt)/Silver(+60pt)/Bronze(+40pt), Badge Award x (+30pt)
  • Bonus for Level Promotion [ Red(1,000TPZ), Purple(3,000TPZ), Imperial(10,000TPZ)]

2. Introduction of Voting Bot ('19.1/1~ )

  • Ratio : Vote 1,000% of daily voting capacity(1,100%, 100% is reserved for nTOPAZ)
    [600%(Daily TOP10 : CR+CU), 300%(CO), 100%(Comment)]
  • Criteria : Ranking by Respect Score(Voting at the equal ratio, but decrease sequentially)
  • Execution: Everyday 03:01(UTC base)

3. Recruitment of additional curators and activity compensation

  • Field : Audiovisual(Vocal/Instrument/Dancing/Entertainment/Video-artist)
    Visual(Photofraphy, Design)
  • Personnel : Audiovisual(8 People)
    Visual(Photography 2 People, Design 2 people)
  • Preferential: With a wide range of human networks and advanced creative skills
  • Major Mission

    ①Introducing and recommending artists
    ② Curation by voting
    ③ Encouraging Comment on outstanding works
    ④ Planning/hosting contest

  • Compensation: Weekly 5,000 TPZ Tokens, Monthly 20,000 TPZ Tokens(Monthly extra 10,000 TPZ for leader and outstanding activities by segment)
  • Application : "Curator-Apply" channel in Dicsord

4. [Event] 100 TPZ Tokens Airdrop with 100% profile completion

  • 100 TPZ token is given when profile completion is 100% after sign up(Includes nTOPAZ existing members)
  • Application : Post the link of your completed profile page on the "Bounty Program" channel in Dicsord

5. SP Sponsor Incentive Enhancements

"Starting last week(12/17~), 200,000 TOPAZ tokens per day are to be reserved for the SP sponsors, which amounts to 1,400,000 tokens per week."
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SP Delegation : Delegation
Visit Website : nTOPAZ.com
Follow Blog : Steemit
Join Community : Dicsord

Thank you for your support and attention.

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Looks like interesting changes :)

Just a note that I can't seem to type into the #Bounty_Program channel at the discord, though. Not sure if the permissions have been set up right....

Hello @ntopaz, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!