New Year! Calligraphy with message of hope

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New Year! Calligraphy with message of hope


Hello, this is nTOPAZ! New Year's Day is coming in 2019. What kind of commitment and determination did you make for your new year?
Why don't you express that in a beautiful Calligraphy? I'm sure your long-cherished desire will come true!

📅 Submission period

2019.01.03 03:00 - 2019.01.10 03:00 UTC

❗️ Rules

  • up to 3 artworks per person
  • Must be uploaded on the contest page. Please refer to link on how to participate in a contest.

Contest Voting Standards

  • 30% of the total voting power expendable for the day will be supported on CO.
    (However, abuse, plagiarism, and low quality artworks will be excluded.)
  • We will reward excellent comments with voting worth about $0.50

🏆 Contest Rewards

1st place - 1,000 TOPAZ tokens
2nd place - 600 TOPAZ tokens
3rd place - 400 TOPAZ tokens

  • Rewarded based on 50% ranking and 50% nTOPAZ
  • 1 RESPECT=2Pts, 1SBD=10Pts, Comment=1Pt, Collection=3Pts

Screening criteria


Is the concept or idea of the work totally new?
Does the work have a meaningful distinction?
Is the idea out-of-the-box or witty?

Artistic Design

Is the use of colors harmonious? The composition of the work?
Is the work of any superior in aesthetic value?


Is the artwork fun and impressive to the public?
Does it inspire the public with design?
Can the artwork lead public interest and empathy?


precautions of artworks
Contents that contain lewd, abomination, or slang
Slanderous or malicious content for a particular person.
Is there any wrong concept in the contents(e.g., work with a strong political, and sexual orientation)?
Content with excessive advertising/commercial content
Incomplete artwork is not allowed (e.g., screenshots, photocopied and pasted photos)


Your post will be prohibited if uploaded works are copied or stolen
An unauthorised publication
Multimedia whose origin is unclear, such as without copyright permission

*This is to inform you that the applicant is responsible for any claims and arising issue from copyright violations.

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I’m looking forward to this contest. I’ve never done any calligraphy so this contest will be a challenge that will test my abilities to be creative in an area I am unfamiliar with. Also I want to take a moment and thank everyone behind the scenes of and nTOPAZ For all their hard work and dedication this past year in order to present us with contests such as these, a strong platform in order to express ourselves, an area to be creative, and opportunity to develop artistic relationships and develop lasting friendships, support for our hard work, and helping to keep us all inspired! The continuation of this is what I am looking forward to this year! Thank you nTOPAZ and all of the new friends I have made here. :-)

Thank you so much @bdmillergallery,
Thanks to the praise and recognition, we think all the hard work we've done has vanished.
We'll try not to be disappointed in the current situation. Thank you again for your encouragement!

Your welcome. Thanks for your continued support!

Some days it can most definitely appear that way. I am taking an optimistic outlook this year. See ya around!!

Very interesting contest @ntopaz, i am looking forward to see the entries:)

Thank you for your interest @georgeboya, We are also looking forward to see great entries.

@ntopaz Team, I want to appreciate your idea to bring this Contest forward and that is because, in my opinion there are artists who are looking for the opportunities and these kind of contests can boost the spirit to come up with their expanded art pieces. Keep up. 🙂

Thank you @chireerocks, Your warm encouragement is always a great comfort.

Welcome Team and wishing a blessed year of 2019 to you from my side team. 🙂

The same to you @chireerocks, Thank you so much !!

Thank you so much and welcome Team. 🙂

Wonderful! Happy New Year =)

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Happy New Year!! smeralda :) We are always grateful.

New year.happy year of your life

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Just for clarification, maybe someone can explain the rules of this contest a little bit clearer to me. As I look through the entries I see lost of submissions with no “Calligraphy” at all. I based my piece on calligraphy and not sure what others are reading. Can somebody clarify this for me? Just want to be sure I understand the contest. Thanks! :-)