Star football players are moving to North Carolina because of Covid regulations

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There seems to be a mass exodus out of California - a state that I have only been to once as a tourist and I thought it was fine but then again, I didn't have to live there.

Covid restrictions in parts of North Carolina almost don't exist at all anymore yet California keeps upping the ante even though they have basically the same numbers as other states that don't have lockdowns, mask regulations, and other nonsense like QR codes and even telling people that have to wear masks in their own homes.

I really can't imagine the mind of a person that would embrace this sort of stuff. I would be able to agree with them a little bit if there was some sort of statistical data that indicates that these regulations actually accomplish anything, but if the past nearly 2 years have shown us anything, it is that lockdowns don't actually accomplish anything at all. I can't imagine why they continue it is California, but I would be willing to bet that it is a bunch of politicians that are completely unwilling to admit that they are wrong and the population, feeling as though the only thing they could otherwise do would be to elect Republicans, go along with it anyway.

It all seems like insanity to me.

On the other side of things there are star high-school football players whose future potential was being ruined by the continued lockdowns in California and since you only have 4 years to show colleges what you are made of, some families have decided that enough is enough and they are moving to the freedom that is North Carolina.


Lucan Lehoff was told by his high school in Los Angeles that they were not going to be playing football at all in 2020 and because he and his family saw this as something that would almost certainly hurt his chances at a college football scholarship they did the right thing and moved him to Charlotte, where the schools were more than happy to have a quarterback of his caliber on their squad. He has been a real star for the team as well.

In his fist season as a Junior for Myers Park High School he came out of the gate with a bang when he passed for 3 touchdowns to lead his team to a 49-0 victory. The rest of the season would see similar victories and even though the did lose a few, it was far more field time than he and the 3 other people that moved with him from L.A. would have seen at their old high school that hasn't played at all.

This is an aspect of Covid that I don't think people discuss as much as they should. Children's dreams are being upended by regulations that don't actually show to have any sort of effect and not to mention the fact that the chances of someone under 20 suffering serious effects from Covid are so close to zero that they aren't even worth talking about. Lucas and others have spent their lives excelling at something that was abruptly taken away from them and for many, excellence in sports might have been their only chance at a good future.

Because of lockdowns and school regulations a big part of their future is eliminated by political pissing contests and autocrats that have gone too far to turn back and admit they were wrong.

We are happy to have them in North Carolina and even though the people of California might look at us as a bunch of hicks who is really doing the stupid thing here? Is California willing to sacrifice kids' futures because of political arrogance?

North Carolina kids are in school and have been for a while, our football teams are playing and have been for a while, our future potential college scholarship recipients are able to showcase their skills for scouts because we don't have draconian leadership... yet we have around the same Covid statistics as California even though I am quite certain the reporting isn't accurate anyway. Because of eventual blowback Cali reinstated high school sports in February of this year, but only after athletes missed basically the entire football season.

I'm not a scientist. I work in construction but I understand charts well enough to know that we haven't been locked down basically at all for the past year and California still is.

Maybe the people in North Carolina are just less willing to bend the knee to the government.... because many places in this state outright refused lockdown orders over a year ago. If the people want to move out of California to other places I say go for it... but just leave your crazy political views that got the state so messed up in the first place back there please.

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Quite succint as revealing , that our governments are much more about their sustainance in Office, than being ultruistic of the governed .

Restrictions, Regulations , Controls has not abated the scourge of COVID convincingly whatsoever .