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Do you know NINTENDO? I think most of the answers are "YES."
Then, do you know UNIQLO? It is a famous clothing company in Japan and their shops are located around the world so you may know it.

Recently, they collaborated and made some cool T-shirts.
Since the T-shirts are very popular, it is difficult get your favorite one in your size now.
Actually, I couldn't get "Magikarp" (POKEMON) T-shirt :(
But I could get some of them so I am going to share the pictures of them today!

I have got 4 T-shirts for @noganoo, brother-in-law, and me. @noganoo is a BIG fun of NINTENDO games :D

First one is MARIO KART T-shirt.

It is a bit difficult to see the design but there are small Mario characters on the T-shirt. This is so far my favorite so I bought this one for @noganoo and brother-in-law.

Second one is Donkey Kong T-shirt. This is for @noganoo.

This one has a cool back design.

Third one is Pikachu T-shirt. This is for me because POKEMON was so HUGE when I was in elementary school. I even remember their songs!

This T-shirt are actually sold for men but it is so cute so I got it anyway ;D

It is not NINTEDO but I got a hat.

The pineapples were too cute to resist buying it.
I will go to a "special" place in this month so I am getting things for it ;D
They includes the hat, sunscreen lotion, a pair of comfy sneakers, etc.

Actually, I will go for a trip this weekend to cheer for my sister who is attending a 10km race, and go to the "special" place next weekend.
Going to the SPECIAL place is one of my life goals so I am SUPER excited. I will share about it when I come back in July ;D

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My parents never allowed to play any video games so I didn't play mario games. I even don't have any video game equipment, like nintendo switch!


Cool tee shirts Arisa!! Have an awesome trip!!

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Thank you so much!!
By the way, have you heard from @noganoo lately?

not since Friday, I had a busy couple days. He is looking forward to you coming.

I haven't heard from him for a few days and I am really worried about him now, @paradise-found. Do you have any information about him? Could you reach him in any way??

When you commented, I thought maybe you were worried.
I called, no answer. I texted as well, nothing yet.

he was great on Thursday. Very good in fact.
He went golfing for the first time in years.

Nobody I know has heard from him since Friday... :( He was so excited about Friday and now he is gone so I feel so strange... Thank you for calling and texting him. Do you know his home phone number?

ok, ttyl

If I hear anything, I'll comment here.
It's too late to go over to his house, 12:30 am.
I'll try him in the am again.

Thank you so much, @paradise-found!
I will let you know here when I get any new information.

ok, ttyl

I found out what happened to him. It is private so can I tell you about that in any way other than here, @paradise-found?

I saved the number! Thank you!

"Please search Arisa Fujita on facebook. My profile picture is a person with long black hair and a baby goat is jumping on me."?? Msg from Arisa

taking me way back!

taking me far back in time