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In a world where plenty of content creators exist, why should you go through the stress of writing?

1. Writing is a skill that defines credibility.
At some point in your life, your credibility will be hinged on your ability to clearly express your thoughts and there's no guarantee that a content writer will be able to get into your head and do that.

And even if you find such a creator, what's that guarantee that they'd be there all the time?

That's why It's necessary you know how to put life into your thoughts using your own words.

2. Writing can be learned.
Accepted! Some people are born with the curiosity of a writer and some others just seem to have a romantic relationship with words and pen that you mistakenly engage them in a writing contest, your ancestors come back to life just to warn you.

Others are better at speaking than writing but I'm not teaching you to ignore your actual talents in search of a better writing opportunity.

I am telling you that even though there's a place for talent in writing, a skill as important as writing should be learned even if it's just for the basics.

3. Writing is your way of making your ideas permanent.
You won't always be here to talk to us, so how about you put down those awesome thoughts of yours on a permanent form where we can access it even when you're taking your beauty sleep in the spa?

Even if your are dead in 100 years to come, a piece of your own personal thoughts, feelings and creativity will be held close by people you meant something to.

You like how that sounds, right? I knew you would! So make an effort to start writing today even if it's just a paragraph of how your day was.

Thanks for reading. Next in module 2, we will look at "What makes a good writer?"


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