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Remember that when you take a big decision to do something different, to do something big, or to get out of your comfort zone, you will always feel that tense and fear in your head.

I want to you keep this in mind and expect it to come. Don’t let it discourage you or stop you on your path.

That’s just your head telling you, “I thought we were fine where we are, I thought we are comfortable? Why are you trying to do this and put us in a possible path of failure or discomfort? “.

People who take big decisions or do something big don’t tell you this, but they get this voice in their head too.

For people that struggle with addiction like smoking. After smoking, you say I won’t do it again, smoking isn’t good, smoking isn’t healthy but when you see a cigarette, you smoke again.


It was just a tiny part of your brain telling you; you know we love smoking; you know smoking makes us feel good and relaxed, why are you starving us, why are you putting us through pain? Then you smoke.

Learn to continue with your already rationally thought out plans and don’t let the non-dominant tiny sentimental path of your brain discourage you.

Good Morning.

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