Xiaz Logo Card NFT Created, Get 5 XIAZ!

in nft •  9 months ago 

Get 5XIAZ now
join us in https://twitter.com/FinanceXiaz/status/1381430939604094977

  • To get 5 Xiaz just tag your friends,
    Retweet and get a chance of 5XIAZ

Now, our second NFT created for Community supporters
This nft is unique and one only
Limited edition

NFT lovers and collectors,
Join us in Xiazfinance, Hold for future usage

See it on Bakeryswap > NFT Market and search for ~Xiaz Logo Card~
for sale for 100BAKE only
Own it!


Xiaz Asset has 100,000 Total supply
An asset centralized and private used only!

Trade at Pancakeswap, BAkeryswap

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