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in nft •  3 months ago 

After a long time of playing the game I have finally made it to Level 150. This is not even the end of the third area with one whole new area completely locked out for me. At least all of this is keeping the game from having its content consumed so fast.

Country Festival Gig

The rate I gain XP change greatly as I select different kinds of Missions with some of them not providing any XP. Currently it is possible for me to advance 2 levels per weel. Any tips on improving this is very much welcome in the comments.

Few Links to Mention

Among these, the DHF Proposal is the most important. We are not getting enough votes to get the funding. There is potential for @risingstargame to bring in large amounts of players to HIVE ecosystem. @splinterlands has been the most successful DAPP at onboarding new users. The DAPP that is most likely to replicate that type of success would be another game IMHO.

What is being asked for is less than 0.2% of the daily budget available. If you are worried about the nature of gameplay; take a look at this video to expand your mindset:

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