Is NFT Worth The Purchase In High Price?

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Currently, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are on the rise. We are hearing and reading about these NFTs everywhere.

Unlike regular crypto coins that can be exchanged, each NFT is unique and different from all other NFTs.

If I have 1 bitcoin and you also have 1 bitcoin, we can exchange those bitcoins without any difference.

However, if there is one NFT in the blockchain and one other NFT in the blockchain, the NFTs are different and cannot be exchanged.

Typically, NFTs are "attached" to digital artwork as proof of ownership of the artwork.

This digital artwork can be a photograph, a painting, a picture, a film, an animation, a screenshot of a tweet, or almost anything.

NFTs with the "digital artwork" attached can be traded on sites that buy and sell NFTs. Perhaps some sort of exchange for regular crypto coins.

And what is surprising is that many such NFTs are traded at high prices, sometimes very expensive and even super expensive.

So, is digital artwork using such NFTs safe and protected from copy and paste by screenshoters on the Internet?

Obviously not, as NFT does not have the capability to do so. It just becomes a kind of certificate that proves you are the rightful owner of the artwork.

If you upload your NFT artwork to a site, Twitter, or Facebook, anyone can right-click on it and save it or take a screenshot of it.

So, is NFT worth the high price?

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