NextColony - Stardust digger is the new job in the universe

in nextcolony •  3 years ago 

We are staring at the stars in the galaxy as if everything stands still. But that is not true at all and somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be found. And that is stardust, the new gold of the universe and the only way to trade between civilizations. Diggers are working around the clock, explorers are getting there and looking for it and once discovered they put it to good use and to evolve.

Stardust fuels everything around and soon we will be able to use it to trade, exchange goods in the universe and expand our empire. Diggers are searched and they command the explorers in search of stardust. They have the right qualities to find it from all the void out there and put it in our banks. Not only that the stardust is the fuel of this universe engine, but us as explorers, commanders or soldiers...we are all made of stardust...

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