NextColony - A universe of trading of choice and consequences

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As it life itself the universe is a trading of choice and consequences. To trade and lose something or win big is better than not to go forth. Not taking any action at the right moment simply let's you behind and with the new market available now in NextColony is just laziness for those not taking the opportunity to develop their empires. Planets near by, blueprints of ships with laser action and Stardust to buy from the Shop are all the ingredients of a healthy economy.


Some would say that trading is a social act so if you don't want to be left alone in the Universe you better be a part of it. And no new civilization born in this galaxy was ever ruined by trade, but rather they were boosted from the new gems that allowed them to develop. Rather than spending time to get there were some others are already might be the path to not keep up with what is to come. Be the first, grow, don't stop and the spoils that are to come are yours!

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