Minor Thoughts on HF21

in newsteem •  3 years ago 

As we prepare for a new ruleset, here are my main thoughts on the coming change, and the mindset that I have.

About Relative Power

You still have proportional weight in influencing the rewards. Meaning, 10 users with 10 SP can perfectly counter a 100 SP user. I feel this is not emphasized enough in the various discussions.

About Comments

The curve penalizes the lower end of post values, yes. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't comment. You still have a reason to comment. It's still a social network, it's how you get exposure. And voting on comments is still purposeful on more popular blogs to bump visibility of really great comments (and we should use downvotes on self voted useless comments that should be lower down). For other blogs, you can still reward them, just may want to be a bit more selective now.

About Downvotes

Use them. If you want the most efficient use, aim at high values, especially if they have no business being there. Chances are, they already are getting downvoted, and so if you also want less risk while still doing some part, choose those that already have downvotes on them that are still too high. And if you like risk? Cast the first stone. Feel free to increase the stakes by throwing an insult in as well. (No don't be that person...)

About Payouts

Stop thinking of this as a personal cash cow and start treating it like the innovative networking and funding tool that it is. We're (at least I am) looking for an economy that obviously rewards value, rather than obviously rewards garbage. Value should at least go through evaluations from the crowd. One way in which that can happen is by making sure what's at the top isn't rewarded too much relative to the others. Or if you ever think "wtf is this doing on trending???" Smash that downvote button. Trending might actually mean something if the crowd starts to filter it.

The less garbage the majority stake is behind, the more that can flow to others. Curb obvious high value garbage.

Seeing your numbers get floored? You can curse the new changes, you can leave, or you can contribute to making the best of it-- stack your free downvotes and contribute to a corrective economy. And if you like, make posts that stand out. Vote others that do.

About whales

Our distribution only gets better and better, it only gets easier to curb defective whales or defective stake. The new rules also make it easier to do so.

About trails

If you think you're going to make bank by blindly following a trail, think again. Your curation is very sensitive to the order of voters. A fair trail may try to balance this out by rotating the order in some manner though, which can help. The trail itself also has to be large, as well as withstand the downvote test. If you are the head of a successful trail, then the situation is quite good for you. Otherwise, maybe you are better off being more active in your voting and finding good posts. And share your findings with other groups that may be inclined to agree.

About the SPS

Be prepared to look at them once in a while to see how SPS funds are being treated. Vote up any you would like to see, and otherwise vote default proposals that return funds back to the treasury.

About New Steem

Welcome to soon to be #newsteem. I can't guarantee that it's better, but there are new tools and new hopes. Let's make the most of it, shall we?

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How many free downvotes do we get? I haven't been able to find an actual number anywhere.

2.5 full downvotes per day, if always waiting for downvote Mana to fully recover.

25% free DV mana pool that uses the greater of the weight from uv or dv Mana pool... Which means that if you left your uv Mana at max, you can also downvote 12 times consecutively at full power and wait around 5 days for DV Mana to recover from that set of actions.

Cheers for that.

This is great stuff.

The sky is not falling, the sun is just shifting and will put a new light on things. I like the tips given to folks who may not want to read reams of geekspeak but actively alter their tactics for their own stake and the greater good of the blockchain.

Nice work again Eon. You need to post more. ;)

Thanks! Yes I will certainly try to post more

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Well Eon... Quite a mellow and level headed look at HF21.

"The acceptance is strong in this one."


I made a prediction of my own but really, at this point we just have to grip at something and hold on.

Not much else we can do.

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Hold on tight!

Heh I don't really make predictions here :). I think I outlined those splattered around other comments though. As you say, not much else we can do.

Thanks for the heads up Eon. Some of this stuff I didn't even know.

Anytime! How do you like the haiku?

So much Haiku!

Thanks for the heads up
Eon. Some of this stuff I
Didn't even know.

                 - steemitqa

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

We shall sea how the tide shall turn..or it may run red with the blood of the upcoming turmoil, eh.
I would love to see the removal of the attitude of .. (and we should use downvotes on self voted useless comments that should be lower down)... how easy one's opinion is considered the social expectation around here...still.
Steem gets older, but seems to be stuck in the same age of " Circle Jerks and pretentious fart sniffers who can't stand the smell of anyone ELSE'S shit""...
besides THAT..I like what YOU DO.

Thanks, and agreed. Let's crowd them out

Hi @eonwarped

Interesting read. HF21 is a very hot topic today :)

I wonder how will this fork impact users behaviours. So far it seem that most people will be upvoting content which is already popular.

When I upvoted post with 0$ then my upvote was worth only 1,04SP and it used to be 1,7SP before the fork. However when I upvoted the highest post in trending page (100$) then my upvote increased reward by over 2 SP. So pretty much it doubled in strength.

So somehow pushing your content to trending page will bring some solid traffic.


It sure is. It is now way more important to bring down trending posts that shouldn't be trending. Kind of forces our hand, really. And to really hunt at self voters (that add no value). We minimize the bulk of abusive posts at the high end and that will spread more to the low end. People talk about a fixed magical threshold at 20 steem but it isn't a fixed threshold. It will certainly go down after the downvotes are tallied. And I can already tell that the threshold should be going down just by the perceived volume of downvotes that have already rained. Let's see if it can be sustained.

Late thank you for your reply @eonwarped

Would you mind sharing with me what's your impression so far after latest forks? One week after hf21 and hf21 has been introduced?

Check out my latest publication..
It brought some real emotions. I've been downvoted by over half million SP (attack of few accounts), however I also received solid support and few strong upvotes and now I will be enjoying the biggest genuine payout in my lifetime ;)

Yours, Piotr

@eonwarped - I appreciate your thoughtful comments about the changes in HF21. You were not preachy, but rather encouraging, which is what a lot of people need right now.

One of the big things about any HF is that the rules changes. And that means everyone has to learn the rules so that they can follow them well. I admit it is always hard for me when changes like this happen, but I am hopeful that #newsteem will bring great momentum for the community.

With all the negative posts about the HF, its great to read a more positive one ;)

More positive but not super positive :)

Any form of positivity at the moment is good

Very excited to see how all these changes will affect the whole community. #newsteem let's go!

And a pinch of nervousness haha.

Fun times ahead :)

Here we go!

Well at least it was positive

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is interesting to hear what others have to say and are thinking about the change that is coming.

Yup, there's a lot of uncertainty ( well also some are certain about doom and others are certain about sunshine and rainbows). We'll see how things adapt.

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