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It would not surprise me in the least if this Coronavirus is not just another red flag event, concocted and perpertrated by the powers that shouldn't be to distract and to put fear into it's minions (the general population) from it's many other nefarious deeds and make them easier to control, and steal their stuff.

Don't be surprised if evidence turns up in years (or hopefully a much shorter time) to come, if Bill Gates or some other not very nice person owning the patent for the soon to be realeased vaccinations against Coronavirus, which will surely spread whatever it is even further, if the popolation fall for it yet again.

Let's hope that that the truth comes out sooner and less people suffer.


If the virus was actually weaponized / developed to spread without symptom for almost 2 weeks, I can foresee 100s of millions of infected people within a year. A costly distraction.

Indeed. Yet it is more likely that this Coronavirus is more a virus of the mind. Sure, they might have started it with some noxious substance in the local water supply, or a chemtrail spree over China, or a vaccination program or some such way.

A source within the CDC has shared information with the Dark Truth revealing the US Government believes that the recent mysterious coronavirus may be a Chinese bioweapon. Originally developed in a military medical research facility outside Shanghai, the new virus was designed to weaken and subjugate freedom fighters in areas like Taiwan and Hong Kong. The plan was to use the virus to crush the movement that was building up to a full-blown war with China.

It is however with the use of the media that the spread has happened by putting fear into the population, so that any little sniffle or cough that comes up makes them think they have caught it. The mind is a powerful thing. If a doctor tells you your have cancer and you will die in 6 or 12 months, then sure as eggs are eggs, if you believe him (and take the toxic chemo he subscribes) then you will die just like he says.

Personally i have no fear whatsoever of this so called Coronavirus as i know that if i keep my body clean and healthy, and my thoughts centred in the truth of who i am, then the immune system will handle these apparent threats from the outside world. One of the ways i keep my body clean, as i mention in my post about holistic healing is the use of MMS (chlorine dioxide).

The trouble is, this is such a huge threat to big pharma and the medical industry in general, that the powers that shouldn't be do everything in their power to keep the information about it from the public attention, as it can cure virtually anything at virtually zero cost and bring their money producing machine to it's knees, and they don't have a patent on it.

They employ shills to dis it on the internet and even the Red Cross and WHA who are under their control do the same, as in the lies they told when it was proven that MMS cures Malaria in a test back in 2012.

But, everything has a reason. When we the public are ready to let go of the current corrupt systems, and instead support new supportive systems like Matrix-8 (coming soon to a world near you), then humanity will know the truth and they will no longer be able to control and enslave us.

The Great Liberation is coming. Watch this space :-)

Here's some info about how Chlorine Dioxide takes care of Coronavirus. Please share it far and wide.



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