Our Benevolent leaders appear to be developing a new way to kill us.

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The one world order minions have a new weapon they can use to kill us! Forget contrails, this will be applied from a crop duster just over your head, or pumped through the air conditioning at your work!

This will be dispensed at their leisure, by people that have gone on record saying they want 90% of people alive today...dead!

Here is the article on this threat:

From the article above:

This is a real possibility, as the liberals have no restrictions that would stop them from biologically attacking others, 'for their own good'; since they believe everyone besides themselves, are stupid! Aerosol application of a biologically active agent should be an act of War; not an act of political subterfuge.

But here we are, under threat of same; with coraborating information from a number of sources! These minions have gone Mad, and mad men are dangerous; because they are sociopaths, without a moral compass.

This weapon is currently being developed, supported by Bill Gates himself. He is hiding the risk by calling it a 'nose spray' (aerosol) 'vaccine'; and not an aerosol bio-weapon, that can be sprayed from a plane...or a pump sprayer! Worried yet?

Article about support for nose spray 'vaccine':
Bill Gates is supporting the idea that nose spray variants of a 'covid vaccine's should be possible. It is supposed to allow a greater acceptance of the vaccine, assuming that those that have refused are simply afraid of needles! This is demeaning to those who have serious issues both religiously, and scientifically. He has decided that we all are just too stupid to understand, and too scared of needles to accept his superior teachings! His arrogance knows no limits....

Here's another article on Bill Gates pushing aerosols:
Once they have this aerosol formula, there is apparently no way to limit how they use this...on us! So pay attention to this, they could use it to poison us without our permission.

Why worry, after all, we can trust them, right?

The covid pandemic killed 3 times less people than the common cold, per the CDC's own website ( I posted on this months ago), but we turned the World upside down because of the 'risk'! The covid fatality rate was around 0.3% on the CDC's website

As a reference, a real pandemic in 1918 killed 10%:
The Spanish Flu infected 500 Million, with 50 Million dead...and we didn't shut down the entire planet!

The only difference is there was political power to be gained, by advertising a lab created bio-weapon, as the end of the World! This allowed another lab created bio-weapon to be promoted, as the 'cure' for the first lab created bio-weapon.

This defies logic, and science; based upon data that is coming out now! We have murdered so many with both lab creations, and both were tax payer funded!!!! This rot runs deep, which makes these articles quite believable....

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