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At first I thought this was a joke, but then I realized that when President Trump called the countries that these people come from "Shit holes", he was speaking literally. DEPORT them all! Seriously, if you see a third world country that is filled with poverty, violence, disease, etc, it is because of the type of people that are living in that country and their culture. Why the hell would we want to bring that here? If Americans want diversity, they can go on a trip to the third world and maybe they will come back here and be a little more thankful that our country is not like that.

Strangely enough, when "sanctuary" was created, it was accompanied by a massive increase in public urination and defecation. Rather than acknowledge their role in creating the situation which led to this in the first place, lefties are now "solving" the problem by legalizing public pooping.

It's called doubling down.

With regard to the pooping, they've moved from ludicrous to dangerous. Modern sanitation and warer purification are the two technologies standing between us and dysentery &

No joke.

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I for one think this map is very useful. Tells me what places to avoid. San Francisco and Denver for instance.

Good read