Caught More Translucent Shrimp At The Stream

in nature •  2 months ago 


Five visible translucent shrimp, you may be able to see some other copepods in the blur.

My niece and I completed another adventure to the stream, but this time we were on a serious mission to capture more crustaceans. The crustaceans we caught were some copepods and five translucent shrimp. I'm not entirely sure about the species, but they seem to be larger than the ghost shrimp you typically see from Petsmart. We also caught two fry's of Gambusia (I believe Gambusia Holbrooki).

At this stream, there seem to be plenty of crustaceans but they always hang around the same area, so we got really lucky this time around. Looks like we're getting better at fishing with a shovel each time we go back. lol

In about two weeks, we'll try to get more. We're still experimenting and trying to create a sustainable container for them, so we'll see what happens in the next few days.

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