A VERY COOL Beekeeping HACK!

in nature •  3 years ago 

If you work in very hot environments you may like this COOL HACK!

Beekeeping in South Texas can be a very hot job. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are very real outcomes when you don't take care of yourself. I've had some close calls so I decided to try something different!

Enjoy the video!

Thank you for sharing this time with me!

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Thanks, @daddykirbs, for that loving beekeeping work.

Hi daddykirbs,

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Your cool vest made me laugh. :)

I live in north Thailand and my daughter wears a hoodie to school when it's 90F. LOL. It's all relative, no? When it hits 108F here we consider it hot.

The beekeeping is fascinating. We're learning about bees here with our indigenous friends along the Thai-Burma border - an American beekeeper here is teaching us. But I've never seen all that gear!!! He works with the bees without any protective clothing and teaches us that way too. Our indigenous Karen midwives work with wild jungle bees (apis dorsata) only in the evenings and only with smoke and nothing more than a t-shirt around their heads.

Bee culture is HUGE in Thailand and we are lucky to have an absolute abundance of wild honey and wild jungle beeswax. My post just a few days ago too, was about beeswax and its medicinal properties.

Look forward to more of your videos - following you from Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Loved to watch your protective stuffs which is the first thing noticed. A very interesting video in steemit as it odd one out among the travel stories and phot related blogs. A video is always special and when it something like this which we never comes across in our life looks really great.

Appreciate this effort, by the way is this bees are so dangerous when we come close to their nest, Just asking???