Chimbuk hill

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Chimbuk Hill is located about 23 km from Bandarban district town. Chimbuk tourist center is located at the top of Chambuk hill. The beautiful scenery on both sides of the winding road to the 2,500-foot-high Chimbuk hill above sea level and the beauty of the spiraling Sangu River soothe the mind. Standing at the highest altitude of the mountains and drinking the sweetness of the heavenly natural form, the raft of the clouds can be lost in the depths of the unearthly world.And in the rainy season, strong clouds like Sajek can be seen flying from Chimbuk hill, and if you are lucky, you can reach out and touch the clouds. On the way to Chimbuk hill, you can see the Milnachhari and the cliffs. And if you want to go to Nilgiri, the location of Chimbuk is on the way to Nilgiri. Nilgiri is 20 km further from Chimbuk.Way to go If you want to go to Chimbuk no matter where you are in the country, come to Bandarban. Bandarban can be reached directly by bus from Dhaka. Shyamli, Saudia, S. from different places in Dhaka. Buses of Alam, Unique, St. Martin Paribahan and Hanif leave for Bandarban.The fare of these buses per person is non AC 550 and AC 950 respectively. If you leave at 9-10 pm, you will reach Bandarban by 8 am. You can also travel by train or air from Dhaka to Chittagong and from there to Bandarban.





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