Tell "it" That I know They Are Feeding Off My Imagination & Dreams! And I've Known For A Long, Long Time... ;)

in nanocheeze •  4 years ago 

If I "Truly" knew & wasn't bluffing, then what do you think I wrote into the story with all this spare time you left me with???... hmmmm :D

Reality is a mirrored echo chamber of/for my dreams...

The "Matrix Reality Paradox" of my own imaginative imprisonment...

silly existence... Touche God!

Thank Goodness for Dualities and Divinity!!!

I mean really people... Where do you think all this advanced technology is springing up from... Crashed alien UFOs or something??? hahaha

Science Fiction has this really strange way of working it's way into being science fact over a length of forgotten time. ie. Jules Verne to name one example of MANY!!!

WTF do you think the MEQUAVIS is...

It's been crawling into existence through my dreams and imagination for decades...

How many times do they have to quietly remind you about the power we as humans have to write something down on paper, in physical form...

Do a youtube search for this: "writing things down makes them real"

Relativity versus quantum physics is a great example of the duality of knowledge in this universe. Connected by it's hidden trinity which is string theory, the linking piece.... I find the humor in it to be quite extensive if you see it in the right light :) really...

The one thing I know for sure is that the more we learn about the universe/reality the weirder it's gonna get! :D

But the day and age of the personal echo chamber is over! The internet has opened up this digital echo chamber and I think it is echoing in a funny way...

*disclaimer: If you have taken the blue pill or opted out then there is no "it" and do not try to find "them" to tell "it" that I know because they do not exist. ;)

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hahaha crashed UFO's ... thanks for making me smile

I try my best :D glad to see someone that can see my humor :P

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kind regards of @rudyardcatling

Your blogs are seriously original and comprehensive. I LOVE IT!
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