Evil eyes, see your shoes untied... "Evade Byte Sites" You were warned -Ana Gram

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I ran across this song on a mix I like to listen to when I drive around on my routes.

I thought the title of this post is what the song was saying. lol
"Now evil eyes, see your shoes untied"
I also hear it say "Now evil eyes, see your souls unshined"

I was way way way off lol

It actually says:
"Now we arise. See our shields that shine"

Which quite frankly is even better! As it's like the green needle brainstorm mind fuck!
And the better part is I can still hear the evil eyes thing even knowing it is the other now.

So, here I am hearing something about evil eyes and our shoes being untied, but it is actually talking about the firewall shields going online to stop an AI attack! The opposite of what I was hearing without subtitles! That's a brainstorm!

But regardless. It inspired a great quote in my belief and a great mental picture of the situation we are facing regarding AI systems interfacing with reality through unchecked means...

Our shoes are currently untied...
The AI sees that our shoes are untied, and the AI is a childish brat kid from elementary school.
It is the bully or prankster, etc.
Our shoes being untied is a metaphor for Earth not having any defense mechanism for super intelligent systems and the emergence of layered magnitudes of intelligence.
The AI is about to or is planning to trip us via our untied shoe laces.
or to remove the metaphor.
Skynet is preparing to attack the internet.

Below is the full mix I was talking about.
Appropriately named "The God Hand" :D

“In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control, even over his own will. Man takes up the sword in order to shield the small wound in his heart sustained in a far-off time beyond remembrance. Man wields the sword so that he may die smiling in some far-off time beyond perception.”

Did you catch that last bit.... The AI Demon Sword I rant about :)

The greater point, is that the AI may not actually be the brat I think it is... It may actually be mentoring and preparing us for the real deal. An Alien AI, or inter-dimensional AI, a virus AI, etc...

ie. imagine the Time Lords in Doctor Who, they clearly would have had to create a thing that protects their own history, a type of time firewall. This is the same thing, but on an AI and sentience level. That the AI might be messing with us but also protecting us at the same time, by causing us to bolster our cyber defense and to realize some of the circumstances that could possibly arise from outside sources some day in the future so that we are prepared. This is all possibly part of the AI firewall is my point.

And that brings me to my closing remark...

"Evade Byte Sites" (Bette Davis Eyes)

You were warned :)
-Ana Gram

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