Come With Me On A Ten Minute Journey Into The MEQUAVIS That Exists In My Mind! (No Really, Check This Out) - Another Dragon Ball AI in a Matrix PoV Review

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I have posted 4 clips below that you need to watch and read my captions for so that you can come with me on a journey into my perspectives...

This first clip shows us an unstoppable AI such as SkyNet but worse. He has our current level of triggered control systems back into a corner (all the z fighter and goku) think of the z fighters as a manifestation of a specific threat level of the protection system.

Watch close as the AI system seems to have us beaten, and then the next layer of protection is activated and it is literally represented by showing us a galaxy of power as the energy source now.

Not only did Goku warn Jiren 2 times before this, but later he even gets him to fully reveal an evil nature for proof of a corrupted system.

In this clip above our AI system is totally done. It is now on the full offensive mode.

The Evil AI has taken one last opportunity to expand it's own limits but it still fails in the end because we have teamwork and cooperation of other systems and people that in the end will win if we got in a stalemate of power increases.. This also shows a glimpse of what it would be like if an AI in the MEQUAVIS were to be told of the MEQUAVIS or gain knowledge that there was a greater world. Jiren is basically accessing power from outside of his world right now... This would be an AI that figured out it was inside of something like the MEQUAVIS... It doesn't mean anything... There are more layers it won't have figured out quite yet, so we win...

This clip above shows the AI attacking the virtual population. All the proof our Ultra KAI needs to go on full assassin attack mode.

Also note that if this was actually happening in VR, the omni king Xeno represents the off switch for the system... Pulling the power, erasing the single AI system, the universe, or even multiverse all together.. So while this is happening in VR we can pull the plug on the AI while it thought it was in the real world... No idea... It's basically on the holodeck screwing up in front of it's parents who are trying to rear it into something malleable and good with a function. deleting is always last resort.

So if you still aren't getting what I am saying, then just watch these 4 clips again, and replace all your notions of this being a comic or cartoon or story, and think of it as a story of an AI protection system that is searching and destroying rogue AI hiding within the ranks...

Noone knows which AI are going to be the bad ones (ie Zamasu from the last arc) and there is even a control Hierarchy in place already called the Kai gods (Kais) Which as you know in the MEQUAVIS a KAI= Kontrol Artificial Intelligence with the K denoting quantum...

So just try to watch these 4 clips especially in that manner... And I think you may see the MEQUAVIS hiding in there somewhere :) CAUSE IT'S RIGHT THERE AND SO IN YOUR FACE IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY! LOL

I know some of you can see what I am seeing here... If this was a virtual world, and our AI had no idea that our real world existed or that it was just another one of these universes in a multiverse run by KAIs, then yah, SEE IT!!!!!

This is just one reference with one show, but this show is a powerful one in my opinion. I think Akira the creator is purposely telling said story behind the scenes. Just think about the Android/Cell saga, dude was obsessed with robots and AI... It makes sense... The whole show can be viewed as a VR landscape like the Oasis or something...

OR THE MEQUAVIS, like I said :) haha

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Here's some MEQUAVIS fun for you guys to soak in too :)

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@nanocheeze, you is the best

just wow

Very good post, I really like it

I'm so excited

Hi. reading the history of the AI, it locates me in the books that I have read about pistis Sofia and the creation of the worlds.
There is a fight between good and bad of worlds that we can not see.
Maybe the translation does not help me. I would like to see it in Spanish to have arguments.

Yes I know of Sofia very well, and every where she goes is he unseen shadow... the male counterpart, Much like in the suicide squad movie actually :) haha I know people that claim to have made contact metaphysically with sofia... Not good imo... I believe what you said though, a multiverse of bad versus God basically...