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in nanocheeze •  last year 

I just wanted to take a moment to say, This exchange is the best.

You should be using it... I endorse and recommend. And will be buying FSX.

pretty low fees (only for withdrawals, typically .5%)

and they have a pretty cool investment program that pays you every week when people withdraw coins. Not much but it's cool.

And it's one of the only 2 exchanges I know of that trades HBN (HoboNickels), and the only one I know of that trades NVC (NovaCoin), and I got a bunch of cheap PPC and POT on here.

I actually got enough POT that I have been able to generate almost 100 blocks a day on the POT network.... lol
Crushin it over there...

Use this exchange, I do not want to see this one die...
Maybe I can get NanoCheeZe listed here too??? meh...

Link to their investment page

And the exchange for their payout shares

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