Approaching NCZ block 1 MILLION! Halving stake reward max...

in nanocheeze •  last year  (edited)

The NanoCheeZe blockchain is just a couple weeks at most away from hitting 1 million blocks. less than 25k blocks to go! Almost 9 million coins mined averaging 9 NCZ per block. Going on 4 years to get here.

I also updated the coin app with some major changes. Specifically starting at block 1 million staking rewards max is being reduced 50% every 1 million blocks until its capped at a 1 NCZ limit after 8 million. This is due to the discovery in HoboNickels thats MAX_MONEY is not the limit of coins but the limit of coin that can be transferred in a single tx... I thought this was the case but now I know for sure.

Also, Anyone that mines block 1 million will receive 50% staking rewards from a wallet with 1 million coins in it for a one year period of time. So try to mine that millionth block people!!! I slowed down my miners to give people a chance :)

I'm also opening an NCZ faucet here on Steem. Just send any amount of steem to @nanocheeze with a valid NCZ wallet address in the memo and I will send you some random amount of NCZ. At minimum I will send you at least whatever that amount of steem converts to btc at in NCZ at .00000025 btc value. But I'll probably send way more. It's random...

Currently one NCZ would be worth about .014 steem at that price. but that fluctuates wildly.

I'll be posting on this account (cybershrapnel) and sharing to NanoCheeZe acct for a while.


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