Throwback to Pre-Corona Days - A Collaboration with Tribubu at Stramu Würzburg

in music •  2 years ago 

We were cleaning through some of the videos from this past summer and found a really beautiful moment that was captured at STRAMU in Würburg, Germany. STRAMU is likely the best street performance festival in the entire country, and easily one of our favorites in the world. During the festival each day we were given a "pitch" (the place where we would be to perform the entire day) and would share with another artist. The first day, our partners were the boys from Tribubu, a world music trio who have long been friends of ours. The entire summer we had crossed paths, as Steffi had been helping book them festivals and opportunities that we had also in our network.

Tribubu features three great musicians, Lucas on guitar/vocals, Brahima on the balafon, and Danny is the percussionist. They are an infectious group who bring a smile to the faces of everyone lucky enough to be in the audience for one of their performances. Brahima is a master of his craft, coming from Ivory Coast and now residing in Germany. We had always talked about what would happen when we finally had the chance to play together.

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