Official Music Video for "Surfing with the Sphinx"

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Hey All! We released a new music video last month for our song "Surfing with the Sphinx".

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Surf through time with the psychedelic funky folk’n’roll sounds of The Trouble Notes’ new single Surfing with the Sphinx. Recorded from their Lockdown Studio temporarily built in a former chicken coop in the forest in central Germany, it is the second in a series of genre-bending songs conceptualized during the height of the Covid-19 outbreak. The idea for the song began with the cancellation of their performance at the 50th Anniversary of Glastonbury Festival, which was easily to be one of the highlights of their year. While sitting in the studio, they imagined their performance, daydreaming of what it was like to rock the stage at some of the world’s most renown festivals at different moments in history. With Surfing with the Sphinx, they channeled a unique style from 60s and 70s rock, adding a twist of funk and a dash of folk. The song is as groovy as it is melodic, perfect for that sunset concert on the mainstage as the mood changes and the crowd elevates to new heights.

Music by The Trouble Notes
Filmed by: Dennis Hamm & Stefanie Tendler
Edited by: Dennis Hamm
Recorded & Mixed by: Florian Eisenschmidt & Bennet Cerven
Mastered by: Piet Charlet from Time Tools Mastering

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