Merry Christmas Steemians! Our first Trouble Christmas Video is here!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Steemians!

Earlier this month we agreed that it was finally time to do a little Xmas themed video inspired by a Christmas song. With our Patrons we did the vote and it was obvious that "Carol of the Bells" was seemingly the favorite choice. To keep in with the Trouble spirit, we couldn't just make a simple "cover" version of the song, so we decided to get a bit crazy.

During our last week while in Prague, we sat together and came up with a quick arrangement for the song - making a live recording in the bedroom of our dear friend Marcela. After that, we took the the streets, spending a few hours with Steffi behind the camera and shooting this goofy video in the Christmas themed markets and squares of one of Europe's truly magnificent cities. Who knows, maybe the city of Prague will start hiring us to do their Tourism ads in the future :)

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I wish you luck with your marketing do not forget to send the link to Prague touristic centre. Merry days. 💕

We must! Thanks for stopping by @wakeupkitty

@thetroublenotes You are welcome. Till next time. 💕

still living the life i see :p


(to the re-tweet readers : yes, i count living in a van rolling across the globe doing 'yo thang' also as real people with real life ... maybe i'm the weirdo after all :D , a kind of freedom very few could achieve or maintain i think ... AND .. mad skillz :p )

What fun !

Love it!