Improvising at the Glastonbury Tor

in music •  3 years ago 

Hey Steemians!

So in the midst of our time away (our first real break in a year), we took a moment to edit together a little improvisational video we made in Glastonbury last month. This melody has been something we have been flirting with since the summer and what better place to inject some spirit into it than the sacred Glastonbury Tor.

There is something eerily beautiful about this hill, we could understand why it is a center of gravity for different groups in the region. There is a kind of haunting Celtic undertone to the impro at first before it goes more into an upbeat kind of energy-driven section that was our way of shaping what we felt into our "style"

Glastonbury is a wonderful little town in Somerset, England; filled with mystic and folklore, it has a long history dating far before the creation of the world-renown music festival that has brought the village such international fame. Said to be the burial place of King Arthur and a kind of center of gravity for druids, there was something about this place that called to us.

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I really enjoy your music and this song makes no exception. So inspiring, wonderful and playful. :)

Waooo! Beautiful melody that reaches the soul, I love this rhythm of instrumental music that goes between classical and medieval. I congratulate you on the way you handle your violin and your curie vote. Greetings

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Guys, What an exceptional improvisation. This is an amazing piece! They are magnificent musical creators; What a great talent. Thank you for sharing your art, regards @thetroublenotes

Oh my goodness!
They accomplished a beautiful job.
The surrounding environment looks like something very beautiful.
Thank you for taking some time to rest and edit and share.
I enjoyed it a lot.
Congrats on a Curie vote!

Hi. The melody is beautiful. The background setting you picked seems perfect for the sound of our music. If the instrument is a violin, I love listening to this instrument.

I can't believe you say that this is improv. Sounds like this piece is part of your established repetoire.

I will be listening again for your performances. Thanks for sharing.