And the crowd goes wild! A full clip of one of the best concerts of our year

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Hey Steemians!

Last night was undoubtedly one of the best concerts we ever played. There are few that come to mind that had so much dynamism, beauty, spontaneity and energy at such a scale. For years, we have long been talking about the need to create a different atmosphere in the concert hall than from the street. About making those two different experiences that are both equally as impressive.

There is no question that this night was a long time in the making. This entire year was like a big rehearsal for this evening. From our extended stint in the USA playing some GREAT concerts, to a festival season that had us playing some pretty big stages, in front of some big audiences, each of those experiences contributed to the maturity that we showcased on a fateful Sunday evening in Berlin. When we walked out on that stage, there was not a single feeling of anxiety for any of us... from note one we were in full control of ourselves.

Tomorrow we head to the UK to start the last tour of our year! Very exciting indeed!!!

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Wow! What a great show! Amazing energy there and as always, a stunning performance.

You guys have such a unique sound, and so much talent. 🎉👏🏼

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