The Bear played at the Buffalo Hostel last night

in music •  3 years ago 

And it wasn't the best show, but still a lot of fun. It was weird because their singer couldn't make it, leaving the rest of the band to fill in with words they didn't know.

They did write and perform a play, which was at entertaining as it was confusing. They had a woman fill in for the make singer, calling her by her name.

And yes, that's a child's drum set here's playing.

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Crazy band with small drums! Do they actually work?! Very surreal!

The drums have a tinny weak sound that really works with the style of music. It basically sounds like if someone is beating on a bucket.

Aha! Beating a bucket! This reminds me of myself playing a small Chinese drum with my friends as a kid! So much fun as all the other kids along the street came flocking to hear my drumming! That’s very embarrassing as we were just making things up. Thanks for bringing back my long lost childhood memory.

Have a nice day!

Anything can be a drum! I once saw a band place a microphone on a cardboard box with a kick pedal attached to it.

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