My Top 5 Movies of 2019

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5. Us

Directed by Jordan Peele who also gave us Get Out. See I've never been a fan of Horror movies until I watched Jordan Peele directed horror movies. This movie will humble you and leave you unsure about yourself and your place in the world.

4.Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

From one of my favourite movie directors Quentin Tarantino, this is one of the great movies to be released this year. If Brad Pitt doesn't get an Academy Award for Best Supporting actor, he's never getting one. I won't count on DiCaprio getting an Academy Award for 'Best Actor' but there's a good chance. I really liked the story and well we got to see a perfect use case of Elon Musk's Flame Thrower (Y'all thought he was high when he put one to makert) 😂.

2. Avengers : Endgame

It took 22 films to finally get to this one, infinity War laid a perfect foundation for this one so it was bound to be successful. What really got me was the Time Travelling. I'm a fan of time travelling and I know a lot of time travelling theories (Some of which were called trash on Endgame). What I really liked about Endgame is that as much as they trashed other time travelling theories they introduced new ones and proved them. I doubt it would have made my list without Time travelling 😂

3. Joker

It took me a long time to watch this movie and when I did I was impressed. The whole movie is centered around one killer combination of Depression, Introversion and Social Anxiety. What I really liked about this one is that it finally shows us the real Thomas Wayne, deep down inside me I always knew that he wasn't a good guy and he died 'cause of it (umfundisi akamutali umfundisi) 😂. Another interesting part is that we finally understand what Nolan's Joker meant when he said "I'm the monster you created". Wait! Are the Joker and Bruce Wayne related?😕

1. The Irishman

You never go wrong with a Martin Scorsese (one of my Top 5 Directors list) movie. This one tops everything I've seen this year, it was definitely worth the wait and the 3.5 hours runtime. The last time we had a gangster movie this good was in the 70's with 'The Godfather' and 90's 'Goodfellas'. If you haven't seen this one make sure you do before 2020.

That's the end of my list and the end of my year, wish you all Happy New Year!!! 🎆🎆

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