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This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user sallow has donated 4,000.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction b27088c319b1ff85ba211082bf7a63e20708fb23 on 10/03/2021 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user sallow has received from coin-doubler.

110/04/2021142.531 STEEMc92c46bcd99c3f285bb4d9ee15b49d73f0a34d52
210/05/2021145.317 STEEM65e8b42e7e10509fb79490078e7863d23ee83cdd
310/06/2021148.391 STEEM14e42fb642db0b444fdd1a3776d0e0e0b7bc82df
410/07/2021138.699 STEEM50edbba30c97ca085e7adb1a5e51fa8a9d7d49cd
510/08/2021142.006 STEEM29036fecd6528527852155453c42182a883ebe99
610/09/2021137.256 STEEM39395e61bffc8f6837af106e2eb753c6a92de05e
710/10/2021151.232 STEEMd2bd970eb328acbf4cc4ef4124490434706727a9
810/11/2021150.481 STEEMdccb2bf36d6ec89fce74be7756f091a282a6a317
910/12/2021156.652 STEEMdf561b87dafe153767b2455b97343e6208f3ef00
1010/13/2021150.470 STEEM8f5e67cdece4c767b797eedc5ae44fab86afd356
1110/14/2021158.683 STEEM812af50913e7c557b0980c30da688e19fdc49a85
1210/15/2021138.930 STEEMc7077975895f651c9477431ffb40794f49ba2a8c
1310/16/2021123.751 STEEM4679dd5d3f019f494c43d18a8278757cab8f97ca
1410/17/2021149.821 STEEMf4ca32e25e98bc849a59e4ebdeaff1fb5b9d550e
1510/18/2021151.151 STEEMd9e7a763e8b3fdabf4174d1374cfc4343ca35eeb
1610/19/2021123.846 STEEM449ff0fd459ba2defa91d2a72ce8069d9e947871
1710/20/2021134.446 STEEM0b14b0ac1f360cfa77524a87b4e404ea1c7bf3bb
1810/21/2021132.428 STEEM487666b824501ed60b3b9bde83cccf860749522e
1910/22/2021149.548 STEEMd275443dc302b6970255e45f393381172d9247c6
2010/23/2021149.074 STEEMaf96cbd2997730847790d07c60c32720b23d8232
2110/24/2021125.171 STEEM879fe61e7127978f81d0dbbf2eb9d62a1a69ffcf
2210/25/2021120.636 STEEM0aa4d767ad47e7256c68448cf1849604318f489b
2310/26/2021147.310 STEEM235468e76a0b790dd5ef2e0006bc189214ec76ab
2410/27/2021148.618 STEEMdcb1a0e0c3a431f690607019111009882cab3517
2510/28/2021149.423 STEEM920f831e121287f05ecf3e0da61aaf503e4e4dc2
2610/29/2021135.073 STEEMde6810b08c15825cebc0845556c274829802f456
2710/30/2021136.324 STEEMc24737cc04765b2ab0298e4e9fe6d7c884aa2194
2810/31/2021142.178 STEEM7158b31e1b1a3d414fdbcbc40e63b0d0d210fa0c
2911/01/2021158.448 STEEM80e7b7132a732a2faf10d478c7a13ae491071502
3011/02/2021137.275 STEEM31279918584709c018c17fb6f19fb866912f07eb
3111/03/2021151.709 STEEMc199098cd010250f3c8a3fac82464810e3ace730
3211/04/2021142.470 STEEM95097faed10b3886015279f769bfd49843f4839c
3311/05/2021138.912 STEEM111c3764764acfd6f9701e8c5d5815811dc61123
3411/06/2021150.129 STEEMb3342cb21b954ea699c3126eb02531743e971859
3511/07/2021136.826 STEEM2499ff82ceff31feb155f65f3f0a540f6c2e7bc1
3611/08/2021158.033 STEEM2340cc0bf38c8fbc56fc1bf95e4a12013f85a8ec
3711/09/2021145.811 STEEMda0ca7248f16296f57b66de684ca1c8ace047e6d
3811/10/2021154.360 STEEM573718192f1a322d338f92e46e59591bc6c8487b
3911/11/2021122.647 STEEM37cc46e3c31796e75beecec3c90aae343c099458
4011/12/2021159.693 STEEMe305baa737c3ee869cd42409a9ac8843cacbb012
4111/13/2021155.948 STEEM8b0d7eb77aa951e3e275eb2bfdfd4f1a0d7f17b5
4211/14/2021149.888 STEEMce4f5046020b3d68b1e3edb8906d9abca7d54301
4311/15/2021122.922 STEEMffda34f249327ac5e450a7a27378c6f6538a0522
4411/16/2021152.555 STEEM045866644d3ba50589b7fcc288d3409ac50f0eef
4511/17/2021138.140 STEEMa0677e52a28baae9d888453e6492206636752bc9
4611/18/2021133.902 STEEMca28453b0eae892493733453d6ed8851b96fec9e
4711/19/2021138.977 STEEMfb33456c8c5510df128552b4dcb0a9aee518000a
4811/20/2021139.713 STEEMc3aa6b8a31e3910b30e423a05502158e118ab42e
4911/21/2021153.475 STEEMad92eba2a1f912127faa73b0b1d5c754376fcf5f
5011/22/2021139.405 STEEMe53c786cc41ff92f0aeb8072852f289769662afb
5111/23/2021133.925 STEEM327bcde189a8b68b9ab5b4b402c46cf06db5a57a
5211/24/2021125.497 STEEM3dd2d813d1b1a5853d98a0d94513a6117c7dddcd
5311/25/2021122.191 STEEMd2030e52589094d2932028687ea475dc8a9ac81a
5411/26/2021128.400 STEEM6b3ebedfd054a063604cc0d52557ae267dad8b12
5511/27/2021128.555 STEEMe3e8a8bb435c4cff57f294d81b525becc09e082d
5611/28/2021156.695 STEEMdc6979f1403502f3cc73a0c163f20d8bc7864f72
5711/29/202144.053 STEEM722b6cbdc561829e5e57b9ef714d44021e17dd69

Total: 8,000.000 STEEM


The user sallow has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 57 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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