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What is Tea ?

Milk Tea is prepared almost all around the world. There are different's types of milk tea that are bubble tea, salty tea, Thai tea etc. Its variety depends on how much ingredients are added in tea.

Benefits Of Tea:-

There are some benefits of tea are discus thats are including health benefits, skin benefits etc.

(1) Reduce Stress:-

Milk tea is relaxing drink. Milk tea have the ability to rebalance the stress.

(2) Skin Care:-

Tea reduce the effects of premature aging, due to antioxidants that are present in tea. Tea reduce scars on skin, wrinkles and lines.

(3) Prevent Chronic Disease:-

Catechin's and antioxidants that are present in tea present the chronic diseases.

(4) Weight Loss:-

Tea can help to weight loss. It will help to cut down the calories.

(5) Strength the Bones:-

Tea build the bones strength. Milk adding in tea help to strength the bones.

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There is Caffeine in the tea,not encourage to drink much

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