Welcome to Steem!

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Steemit is a social media platform where anyone can earn STEEM points by posting. The more people who like a post, the more STEEM the poster earns. Anyone can sell their STEEM for cash or vest it to boost their voting power.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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Bruh smart idea to get ur comment on the very top of @steemit 's only post :D I hope @ned sees this or whoever he has managing its posting key, and upvotes us :D

Thanks for payin for that upvote for me to comment on :D its nice up here

Definitely is!! :)

WRALKat Studios is a YouTube channel

What about it?

You should subscribe, duh


Hi, This is @mominsdt

Be Steemit celebrity
Good Luck

That would be fantastic! https://DLive.io celebrity would be fun!

Giving thank for @steemit just gotta say there are some brilliant peeps out here! Check @calebotamus fo some good vibes

This is great isn't it!

pretty cool right?
i made this for @ned

Nice concept. The Umbrella could have some branding and the back of the T-shirt too.

It really is a valuable platform

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Hi, This @mominsdt

YES it is.
No confusion

U v made more in dis comment than i v on any post. 😧

I agree!

Jah love @steemit thanks for the beautiful platform for these beautiful people to express themselves and share information ! 😍 And love! Check out @calebotamus loving you

Hey I followed you..
Please follow me back!!
Thanks :)

Couldn't agree more bub!

Hi, This is @mominsdt

I joined steemit
Please be my follower
I will be same

I have only been here a few days and have fallen in love with it already. Byebye facebook haha

Definitely! Hope everyone enjoys my photography and adventures in Alaska :)

do not forget follow, votes and comment my account @salda thank's 💋💋💋💋

Yes, indeed, it is amazing.

Is this were the party started!

I've forogot facebook ,since i use steem ! :D

Hey I followed you..
Please follow me back!!
Thanks :)

Imagine if you get an upvote from the @steemit account.


It definitely is, I'm happy to see my D-Tube subscribes went to 20 the first day I posted a video. That's 1/3 of what I got on youtube in several MONTHS!

Guys lets work together to earn faster VIA UPVOTE , FOllowing

I'm sorry but that comment isn't worth $39.28....

Back then it was only worth a few cents I believe - thats why most whales are also OGs

yes it is.. i joined a while ago but i am still a little confused with whole concept. however im not giving up. ✌

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Keep on Steeming! Happy New Year! ☺✨🎉🎊🎆

Hi This is @mominsdt

yes, man


do not forget follow, votes and comment my account @salda thanks....

At least I commented 🤣

Hillerious! I have no idea why everybody votes on this comment. I just found it funny that this was the very first steemit post @stackin and I found it through another member I just met

So crazy @mammasitta ... this comment is in the hot feed on steemit 🤣

That's super strange. I have no idea how I got there hahaha

LOL - and now you dragged me too, as I also don't know how I ended up here. But, one thing I'm sure of - it's your "fault" @mammasitta! 😜 Your comment popped up as some new posting in my feed (strange) and here I am. Really, some mysterious Steemit ways! 😎

You used the steemit magic lol

Commenting is, of course, better than not commenting... :)

you have my vote. hah


Wow... See what I just digged up. So Steemit did a short intro post. Where are your pictures? Hahaha

@Steemit @Freedom @Steem @Dan @Ned @blocktrades @val-a @mottler @abit @databass @hendrikdegrote @jamesc @ben @michael-b @val-b @ranchorelaxo @proskynneo @thejohalfiles @smooth @xeldal @roadscape @created @arhag @jamesc1 @michael-a @sponge-bob

Dear Founders and Power Whales,
I am trying to raise some "VC" Steem Power and invite you to:

  1. See my Introduceyourself post and then
  2. Invest in @Cyberspace by delegating any amount of Steem Power you see fit.

Thanks in advance for your support in any form be that SP, STEEM, SBD or some good pointers/links!


Thanks. Likely Information.

Thanks steemit for changing lives.

How could I have missed this post?!

Leaving my mark here as we're witnessing the evolution to a decentralized world!

Thank you very much for the amazing platform. <3

Glad to see this live and working! Excited to see where the community goes and excited to be able to use this through a gui instead of the command linne! :D

Thanks for the amazing site guys!

If Steemit goes well, everything will be changed in our world.

WOW the first post ever!


Can we chat?:) Will try Discord

Yes :)
I'm on discord :)

Gimme 5 min

good media steemit

  ·  5 years ago 

Steem rocks and changes my life .... in a good way!


Realmente me asombra el poder de votación que tienen, Estoy trabajando en difundir Steemit en español, espero me puedan apoyar con un Voto

The very first @steemit post! Great find

What a wonderful platform. Hoping to build some steem power soon. Just getting started

That's cool Mr. Steemit / We are having a blast on the STEEM blockchain ///


How about some posts from steemit with explainations why steemit works so fucking bad. Is there an other account for communication with the users?

Thanks~ @steemit, this world is really brilliant! :)

Thank you for sharing this, following you

What a piece of history :)

I am grateful I found steem and wow you're lucky to have username as the platform @steemit

Looking at transactions and I am curious why you gave @misterdelegation over 5 million steem power last month @steemit?

How am I getting auto votes on the comment I made here??

Looking at transactions and I am curious why you gave @misterdelegation over 5 million steem power last month @steemit?

At last i found you after 2 month...!

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

this post is historical now :]

It is awesome to be on Steemit. These first few months have been very exciting. I'm hoping one day Steemit will surpass Facebook.

Was this the first post on the platform? So cool :)

Did you know you can earn STEEM by commenting on posts?

Can I get some :D

No way?

hahaha, who imagines that the first (and only) post of steemit would be this xD a link to the whitepapper at least, right?

How can this post be two years old when only steemit came into existence in march 2016

It's good to comment on the first post on steemit even after 508 days! :)
This is history in the making.

How did I miss this one :D

So this was the beginning...

I was here at the first post on Steemit. A little late perhaps, but I'm here now.



I think that steemit will be the first social network in the world because it has the potential to be, it is a new concept different in the world in the social networks, it is time to invest a deep money And time
Thank you for this post:)

It really tell's the truth! steemit the only platform who gives best reward by posting!

Proud steemit user here 😊😊

Haha, it's funny to see how much Steemit has grown from this initial introduction post. It's a bit sad to see that @steemit's first/only post introducing the service gained less than $2 in rewards, but it's amazing to see how much Steemit has grown since then, with many posts gaining hundreds of dollars.

I am trying to save this mare - please vote me up!! I love Steemit such a great way to share information and talents.

This mare deserves a home!


Thank you so much for make a good platform.I most like it,I think it's platform competation google, facebook,youtube,raddit one day.I l ove it so much.

Steemit is indeed life changing and it never cease to amaze me! ☺🌟 Thank you very much @steemit! 💚

@steemit Hey, I've been here on Steemit for some time. The journey has been bumpy, but well worth it. This is my first time ever trying to blog or share details of my experiences. I get tons of satisfaction sharing my love photography. Steemit is awesome :) Best wishes, - @splendorhub

Yes. Steemit is awesome! It changed my life completely. ☺💚

Wow, I also want to be part of this historical post. :-D

yo @steemit u r the most amazing thing i have ever known u changed my life i know u will change many more thing u gonna change the peoples views about internet and social networking thanks bieng part of my life

Man i love steemit thanks for creating this!

Thanks for STEEM

Year .10.2.2018 please guys, wake me up when year it been 2050 , really wanna know where is the steemit :D

Dude send me 2000 steem, sharing is caring and I'll push this company til the end.


Steemit is the bomb!!!! Someday I will be the greatest whale in a sea of dolphins :P haha @steemit

One day you'll get there haha

Thank you for posting. We all LOVE steem!

I up-voted you too... BTW, should steemit let us steemers advertise using steem? Be sure to tell everyone you know to come vote here at: https://steemit.com/steemit/@kingtylervvs/if-steemit-ever-does-decide-to-advertise-there-is-only-1-way-it-could-work-in-my-opinion-debate

This is a democratic community decision.

hello world! hello Steemit!

I love this! :)

The more I dig into STEEM, the more wonders I find.... There is no end to learning and having fun..

I love this place!

  ·  6 years ago (edited)

Welcome to steemit, @steemit.


The funniest comment I read, Lol ! Welcome @steemit to steemit...Thanks @business you made my day!

Best. Platform. EVER.

Thank you!!!

Does anyone think that Facebook might be in the running to purchase (or perhaps copy) Steemit? With Mark Zuckerberg's recent comments about decentralization I just wonder where we're headed.

Steemit is a social media platform where anyone can earn STEEM
-True story

Hmmm. So there is actually an account that represents the platform, this is interesting.

Hello @steemit, I'm asking you to support my idea, in a new development STEEM. It will attract tens of thousands of people: https://steemit.com/openheart/@jennamarbles/first-steem-crowdfunding-we-can-make-this-world-better

...what is this account? I see that it holds 70 million steem, and apparently gets sent steem from poloniex regularly... I can't figure out for sure what it's FOR, though.

You've found the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Behold, this is the very first Steemit post!! Only a select few ever find it. I think now you get to make a wish!

And you found my finding it. That is especially incredible!

But also, what is this account? So much money in it. Is that steem just going to sit there? Does it get used to make more accounts?


My wish is for Steemit as a platform to solve the housing crisis.