A small collection of cheesy steem memes I created on my phone

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I'm sorry for not posting, I've been quite busy over the last couple of months. I've been paying back my bank loan that I took to buy steem and on my free time, I've learnt to program. I've been coding a discord bot using steemjs libraries, it currently it upvotes the estonian curation trail and streams almost all transactions to a discord channel.

I've been buying steem with the little cash I have left of my paycheck each month. We have several like minded community members who buy steem as well.

I've created these memes just to post on discord.


Lots of exciting times ahead don't let the current price lows get to the best of you. We are the steem survivors, we will make steem the greatest together!

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UBG aka Tanel Sillaots has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars of Steem from some of his former friends. Estonian police are building a case on him for fraud, drug dealing, child pornography and tax evasion. Anyone involved with Tanel Sillaots aka @warren.buffett @nrg @road.runner @voter @eestlane @estonia and his multiple other child sex predator accounts will be in huge trouble.

Here is what the sick scumbag pedophile does after he stole the money.


2019-11-25 15_02_21-Photos.png

Nice memes ;)

Yes, I've been stacking steem throughout this alt-coin winter. Hopefully something will come out of it!

A great time to buy