The spirit of the past leaves Powerful Know ...

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The spirit of the past leaves Powerful Know ..
Whether to turn a blind eye, Nose, you The blood, high blood pressure and the leaves are gone.
The post of leaves which can be found on the market. The post of the entire 12-season one edible leaves.
Especially in the post of a leaf in the middle and young adults having hypertension, suffering Diabetes patients, Paralysis disease patients, Rheumatism, There is a post-natal patients and medicinal vegetable ready.
The post of a very medicinal. Of the past, Flower Fruit, The bark and roots in traditional medicine for thousands of dwellings and useful. Especially in the post of leaves
It regularly brings to the human body are scattered in the blood of grapes. Brings up blood. And your stomach happy. The characteristics of such distinctions are too full of leaves.
After the addition of any patients sweet dreamland. Brings digested food. Mouth sweet dreamland. Eyes benefits.
Anger can be all three opened the book says.
The post of capabilities -
(1) I read a drink and garlic. In the rainy season causes nasal pitch Nose, Catch a cold with fever, and helps to heal.
Blood and blood pressure -
(2) Post daily read (pepper and garlic) and drink up your blood pressure and blood disease patients have recovered sufficiently.
After the worm and fruit -
(3) has a strong stomach sufficiently hot but children were fed after day. The post of empowerment, children born worm S work as a dead end. This method is safe for children, the traditional method.
Obesity (frequent urination)
(4) During the past six (seed) after powder mixed with sugar daily drink urine forming recovered sufficiently.
Yards, Ring -
(5) seed powder, Yards, Land for diseases with pure coconut oil and mixed Badminton headset comfort and cure of these diseases. In mouth -
(6) oral odors, Gum bleeding from being spent in the trunk with a knife and mixed with hot water to settle out. Pitch SSD gargle. Often, it is oral, Gum bleeding helps to heal.
Head cover, Kazakhstan -
(7) days to strip the bark from trees, packed with clean clothes and breathe a head cover, Kazakhstan helps to heal diseases.
Dairy -
(8) of women past, read and drink (or post) with grilled fish out ချက်ကျွေးပါ နို့မှ triggering milk profusely.
Flowers, ပန်းညှိုး
(9) of the past, do not carp, and often, ပန်းညှိုး heal.
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Hogweed, thin crust
Post of flowers, coir
Your intervention, equal to
Mindon ridge,
Inner glory.
In the above right poem Konbaung court physicians to lead to a large mixing ဆေးအဖြစ် King Mindon. So great Mindon Health Physical စိတ္တသုခ years were filled with poetry is open to depict it.
If you will be mixing the above B &
(1) hogweed plant components must be thin slice.
And (2) must be opened to collect your pass.
(3) coconut hair, you must be checked.
(4) after an accident, honey (Weight) of sugar until evenly mixed, add a cup of water, add four cups of the remaining advance.
Low consumption -
Taking the above mixture muslin and put the bottle clean. The lotion will drink soup spoon one tablespoon each morning, tired and weak, Invalid disease, blood Flowers, ပန်းညှိုး disease Thin and weak heart disease and rheumatism, Gynecologist thin original beauty will come as a virgin.
Done the same if it could drink mixing presentation assets.
Note. . The above mixture was filled with strength. Make sure you drink more than one index.
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Nice post thanks for sharing your knowledge in medicinal plants