Chapter 0001 Legend

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I 's prisons are located in China. On the southwestern border of the Summer Country, this prison is filled with all the most serious criminals, dragging out a random person with at least a few deaths on them, or traveling year-round. Drug lords and arms dealers who walk the borders of several countries.

In short, there was not a man who could live here who was not a vicious felon, and who had either been sentenced to life imprisonment or to death.

It's a prison in the wilds of the southwest that's filled with evil spirits, and here today are some people who shouldn't be here.

A military SUV with a military area license plate stopped outside the main gate of the prison. Two people, a man and a woman, got down.

Their combination, not to mention in the middle of nowhere, even in the bustling metropolis, is extremely eye-catching.

I saw that man wearing a straight military uniform, carrying a shining general star on his shoulder, look at his age, about forty years old, has been a major general rank.

And that woman, beautiful, beautiful, in a professional suit package, looks even more graceful figure, definitely belong to the kind of cattle in this prison to cause unrest in the disaster level.

As soon as they got out of the car, they followed the warden, who had been waiting for a long time at the gate of the prison, into the prison, which was a very important town.

Their faces were full of anxiety and uneasiness, especially that of the beautiful woman, whose handsome eyebrows were always tightly wrinkled, and who had something very serious on her mind.

"Warden, where is the man?" "Asked the major General gravely. The three men walked quickly and soon arrived at the warden's office.

"I've sent for them, and they'll be here soon." "Said the governor.

"Please? Warden, are you sure you're going to be invited, not arraigned?" The beautiful woman frowned.

Hearing this slightly sarcastic remark, the warden smiled and sat alone at the window smoking, not willing to explain more. The man they were going to see today, no one knew better than him, the warden, that man's past glory and experience, enough to call a legend.

He never thought of the man as a felon.

"Wan Yue, when you see that man, do swallow your contempt." The middle-aged man with the rank of major general gave a warning with a frown.

"Uncle Liu, can that man really save my father?" 'We don't believe we can turn the odds around with the help of one man,' she said. 'And what's more absurd is that this person is a convicted felon who has been sentenced to life in prison.'

If not for the Nando military region as the chief of staff of Zhao grandpa trust, she wanted to turn away.

"In the whole southwest region, if we can't even do Chen Liuhe, then we have to prepare for the worst." "Said the major general.

Smell speech, Su Wanyue shoulder a flutter, way: "Uncle Liu, this is related to my father's life and death, can't play."

The major general thought for a while and looked at Su Wanyue with a very solemn expression and said, "Wan Yue, with the status of your family Lvyuan Group, I believe you should also know some blocked information. A year ago, the huge diplomatic event that caused a sensation in the international community, have you heard of it?"

"I know that a royal shrine in one country was flooded with blood overnight and 38 people were killed or injured." Su Wanyue finished, look a shock, staring eyes some can't believe.

Major General nodded: "You guessed right, this thing is Chen Liuhe did, if it wasn't for the influence of this thing is too big, Chen Liuhe, who is repeatedly called the national instrument above, would not have fallen to the end of being jailed."

"Do you know how many people signed up to bail him out? Who is Chen Liuhe? The pride of the army, the real weight of the country, a man in the peace era has made a Hehe war, now, the army has a lot of his legend, his ability is beyond doubt, if this thing he can not straighten out, then in the present situation, really no one can straighten out."

"Said the major general firmly.

"Then how did he end up here? I always thought this person would be in Qincheng." Su Wanyue was amazed. She had heard about the event a year ago. It was a big event.

"The City of Qin? The major general chuckled and said significantly: "How many people in the capital dare not let him go to Qincheng..."

Before Su Wanyue to think about this sentence of information is very large, the door of the office was suddenly opened, greeted, is a tall tall youth.

The young man dressed in prison clothes, with a short head of inches, looks like he is only 24 or 15 years old. He is not very handsome, but his features like knife carving are very strong.

"Are you Chen Liuhe?" Looking at the youth, Su Wanyue asked, to tell the truth, see Chen Liuhe himself, Su Wanyue some disappointed, because she did not feel any soldier from Chen Liuhe's clank of iron and blood, but there is a son born no love happy-go lazy gas, she is very difficult to such a loose prisoner think how great.

"Ah, rare guest, return a major general?" Chen Liuhe casual glance, the eyes are not in Su Wanyue this enough to let him play more than 90 stunning beauty body too much stay, it is very familiar around the prison long office chair to sit down, hold a cigarette on the table on the point, began to smoke.

By rights, the rules are strict. The uniforms here. Criminals must wear handcuffs, but Chen Liuhe is a different kind, he never need to bring those things, because many people also know, that thing is useless to him, just a decoration.

If he really has a different mind, there is no prison in the world that can stop him!

"To make a long story short, Chen Liuhe, this time we have encountered a very difficult emergency, and would like to invite you out of the mountain." The major general stood up and got straight to the point.

Chen Liuhe spit out a smoke ring, the eyes in Su Wanyue that graceful body posture looked at one eye back and forth, just casually say: "You a major general ask me to help? Did I hear that right? I don't know what I'm taking now. Penalty. criminal? If that's why you're here, you can go home. I have no interest or time."

The major general was not discouraged. He stared at Chen Liuhe and said, "This matter is of great importance. Only if you come out of the mountains can you complete this almost impossible task."

After a pause, Major General propped his hands on the table, leaning forward, and said, "Some foreign mercenaries invade our territory, and want to leave after completing terrorist activities. You were once a soldier, the best soldier. Is this short year of prison life going to wipe out all the soldiers on your body?"

"A foreign invasion?" Chen Liuhe lifted lift eyelid, way: "THIS is EASY TO do, direct mobilization of strong firepower, disorderly shelling dead not finished?"

"If it were that simple we wouldn't be here." The major general sighed and pointed to Su Wanyue. "This is Su Wanyue, the only daughter of Su Wai Yip, chairman of Lvyuan Group. Xia is to kidnap Su Weiye, and Su Weiye's hands control some important trade secrets and technology, we resolutely can not let Su Weiye hijacked out of the country, so that foreign forces succeed."

"Now, Su Wai Yip is in the hands of the mercenary team, they are at the southwest border at the moment, may leave the country at any time, when the loss is not only a huge commercial value of secrets, but also China. The face of the Summer!" The major general struck a chord.

Smell speech, Chen Liuhe just suddenly nodded: "The original is in the murder at the same time also save people, this difficulty coefficient is not small ah, no wonder you will find me."

"It's not simple, is it?" Chen Liuhe asked.

Major general dignified nodded and took a few photos from the briefcase, Chen liuhe swept away, have happy immediately, took one look at Su Wanyue again, just way: "ah, see your family get in enemy charges, even the world number 13 blood Wolf mercenary group, please move on, not $ten million is likely to let blood Wolf that some guy set foot in China. Summerland, TSK, what an expense."

Su Wanyue brows deep coagulation, some dislike Chen Liuhe that schadenfreude ridicule, she cold voice way: "You in the end line? If not, don't waste our precious time!"

Chen Liuhe did not answer her, but said: "talk about terms."

"Complete this mission, and we set you free." "Said the major general in a heavy voice.

Chen Liuhe looked shocked and immediately smiled at the warden and said, "Tang, give me back what I handed in when I was in prison. The elder brothers should be free."

"Good." The governor grinned, and immediately sent for it, without saying another word.

Chen Liuhe's wardrobe is very few, is a set of ordinary single clothes, there is a general shape like the crescent moon strange knife.

"If you don't ask anything, aren't you afraid I'll cheat you?" The major general was curious.


"What support and what weapons are needed? We are satisfied with what we can." "Said the major general.

Chen Liuhe place shake a hand, weigh a hand in the crescent knife, smiling: "Need not, blood Wolf this few whelps just, wait for them to know is I went, if can not frighten urine pants, calculate they long ability."

Looking at the Chen Liuhe drive to disappear in the line of sight, Su Wanyue not assured of asked: "he...... Can he really do it?"

"Wan Yue, the most important thing in the country is not to shout at random, believe him." "Said the major general, not knowing.

"Uncle Liu, I'm curious, why did he go to the royal shrine? It's a terrible thing to do." Su Wanyue was curious.

The major general seemed to know something. He sighed: "For a woman, a woman who left him alone after his accident, who chose to protect herself..."

Since ancient times, beauty more trouble, hate, anger, and sad ah!

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