Marketplace: What $10 Was Enough To Get

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As the days go by, inflation seems to be on the winning side around me because there's a greater chance that an item bought at a given price today, will likely increase in price some weeks ahead. Hence, one need to either carry extra cash or go home without some items. Unfortunately, the latter has been a must for me in recent times 😔.

For this week's #marketfriday, I had in mind of getting some cosmetics and food items. Among the cosmetics was my baby's diapers and wipes, toothpaste, liquid antiseptic, bathing soap for me and wifey, and a body spray at least. Well, you can see some of the items in the collage below.



Getting to the deathtrap entrance leading to the Eziukwu (cemetery) market, I was greeted warmly by the image of the fallen heavy duty vehicle below.


I don't know how it happened and didn't care to ask because I know how bad the road has been. The sight of the vehicle only made me more focused on getting the items I need so that I can leave the area immediately. That's exactly what I did despite brushing Shoulders with some passersby.

I made my way to the nearest minimart where I got the items below


The prices can be seen on the receipt in the image, however the dollar equivalent is as follows:

  • Toothpaste ~ $3
  • Bathing soap ~ $2
  • Dettol antiseptic liquid ~ $2.1


At the check out counter where the items were packed and checked against the payment receipt.



Observing closely and doing mental evaluation of the funds at hand.


From there I went to where I will term as my $10 purchase point. Sorry to disappoint you, it wasn't food but one of the items in the image below:

Uploading image #8...

Diapers station 🤭


After exhausting my bargaining power, I could only get a diaper without any wipes. I reasoned that we still had some wipes gifted us for the baby by friends and well-wishers. I got size 4 of the diapers because my 4months baby has been growing big like me. Lol. Unfortunately, the diapers cost about $10 currently unlike what I remember buying one previously at a cheaper rate.


This is my $10 worth of item. 😭


From that market, I proceeded to another market where my mom has assisted in getting food items for my family. I only reimbursed her with a little addition.

The #marketfriday by @dswigle posts is a fun way we learn from others globally. You can read the rules on this post.



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