Maintenace 2020-03-06

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@likwid will be down for maintenance over the week-end.
All payment will be processed at once then.
Sorry for the delay.

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This was the first post that i used with likwid but i didn't get any payouts..... can someone check this please?
Screenshot (1825).png

What's the link of this post? We can't find it in your account.

@likwid , sorry to bother again.... but i haven't got any response after sharing my post link.... is there something wrong at my end?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Sorry for the delay, We're aware of the problem, we'll process all failed transaction from April 8th at once.

Thanks for the quick update.

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@likwid, I am not using this Service but this update is appreciable aspect to avoid any kind of Confusion. Stay blessed.

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Hi, will you operate on the Hive chain?

I am also interested to know if we will see them in the section of


I set my post to @likwid 100%
And I've got no refund of my Steem and sbd


hi, any updates about the service?

Still working on Steem, Working on a Hive fork.

is there any discord or telegram to get more info about the project, I was wondering if can still use it on steem since the last post from likwid is 20 days ago

Hi. One of my post missed payment yesterday: It seemed like the bot was down for a few hours if you check the wallet history.

Are you able to check please :)

Ok, we're looking into it.

please do. Look forward to your response as it was definitely missed. Cheers