Likwid well and alive on the Steem Blockchain, Fee update.

in likwid •  2 years ago  (edited)

Likwid has had some downtime during the last month, We fixed your our Steem node and every payment has now been processed. Thanks everyone for your patience.

We're updating out service fee to 5%, All post paying out before April 25 have the same 1.5% fee as before.

@likwid is also operational on Hive chain, This fee change is only for the Steem chain.

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Why is your bot downvote abuse my posts on Hive? What the Fuck is wrong with you? I put your Steem and Hive account in my YouTube videos that get seen by hundreds of people

Likwid does not downvote on Steem.

Good update!

I was just curious and thought of check the @likwid profile if there would be any new update and there's. Thanks for the updates & thanks for supporting Hive Blockchain as well.

Good update.