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My vehicle just broke the serpentine belt while I was traveling 200 miles from home. Thanks to @bluerthangreen, I should make it back tonight.


Oh noes!

The belt is shredded. Thankfully, I was able to make my appointment, but I had to drive about 10 km with no power steering, no power brakes, and no water pump. It was close to overheating, but I think I made it ok.

It was mostly freeway driving, which helps, but the outside air temperature here was around 32 C, or 90 F.


Oh, and did I mention I was driving this big Ford Excursion? The king of SUVs?

This thing is hard to stop without power brakes. Turning the wheel of an 8000 pound behemoth (4 tons) isn't a walk in the park.

Anyway, I gathered up some tools and a new belt, only to discover later that it was not fixable without taking it to a shop.


a lot of good this did me


and this :-)###

Now, astute auto mechanics may have noticed on the first picture that there is a crooked pulley behind the frayed belt.

I am not a good mechanic ...

So I did not notice either until after my trip to get parts that the truck was not fixable on the side of the road.

I hope @bluerthangreen gets here soon!

He's bringing his 1 ton and a gooseneck trailer to haul this beast home. We've got a long night ahead!


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Hhhh no luck

Now, it's raining, too.

You're not on the side of the road are you? Hope you were able to find a cozy spot to wait.

I am literally in probably the quietest, safest place I this town. Hardly anyone comes by on this side road, and it's well lit.

Oh no! Hope you have made it home safely! Missed you around!

I made it! I even drove @bluerthangreen's truck home while he worked on Steem!

Glad to hear that! These things always seem to happen when we are least expecting them!