Why You Must Schedule Your Time to Plan Every Day to be Successful

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How many goals do you have? If you don't have any goals yet, set one today. Setting goals is essential for time management. Maybe you have too many goals. If so, change it. Every element of your life demands a goal: profession, health, and income, for example.

Every day, one of your goals will have the highest value and priority. Many people want to do this. However, if you are overweight or have health difficulties, your health becomes your top priority. Sick people can't work or manage their time.


You've set yourself several goals. But you may not be able to finish a task quickly. You can only do things that help you achieve your goal. Pick your most important goal and work on it today. Define the tasks required to attain your goals.

If you can, work on this first. Assume your main goal today is to improve your health. Exercise is the most important thing. Do it right now. Many gyms open early so you can work out before work.

Your most important job may be to finish a presentation if your main goal is a promotion. Arrive early to finish the presentation before checking email.

Make a list of your daily priorities before leaving the house. Your to-do list may grow. Prioritise your day's top five chores and finish them in order of importance.

If you're stumped for ideas, think about your current top priority. It's not every day that you "check Facebook."

Knowing how much an hour is worth can help with time management. Remember that 30 minutes on Facebook is worth 50 TL.

If you don't know how much time you have, ask your manager. If you're self-employed, you know the costs. Keep a time journal. So stop doing unnecessary things.

The best perfectionist you can get, but do you want to spend time? Nothing is perfect. Recognize your perfectionist tendencies and encourage yourself to let go.

If you're meticulous, set deadlines. Assume a work generally takes three hours. Set a timer for 90 minutes. Surprisingly, you usually finish projects ahead of schedule.

Making a priority list and planning ahead of time will save you a lot of time.

Prepare your tasks and duties before starting work in the evening or early. You get more done faster when you segregate planning time from business time.

As mentioned, you cannot "invent" goals. You only have the jobs/tasks. Once you've set a goal, go all out to achieve it. Turn these phases into jobs and projects. Set deadlines for each project and break them down into daily activities.


You learned the value of an hour. Examine all of your daily tasks to see which ones you should avoid. Assume you value each hour of your time at $100. If you spend 5 hours a day entering products into your e-commerce site, hire someone to do it.

We talked about meeting deadlines. If someone else sets the completion time, try to set your own completion time that is earlier. It won't be easy if your office uses completion times as a guideline, but it will help you manage your time.

Try these time management tips. They work well. Your increased productivity will astound you.

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