Finding to my God ... Who am I...

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What is GOD? Have you try to know who is GOD ... or have you ever try to find GOD? Do you know in God's eyes only that person is intelligent or say brilliant who find God. I got it in the Bible Psalms 14:2

Let me explain:

There is only one spirit in this world or say in this universe. That spirit created everything whatever we see in our eyes and what we can't see in our own eyes. Means everything is created by the God .. The spirit ... that is Holy Spirit. Genesis 1:1-3

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Also said it is in St. John Gospel ...
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So what I found in the Bible that The Holy Spirit is God. God is alone in the beginning and what ever God created is for him. So we all are created for him. When God created us he created us in his likeness, in his image ... means we are all God. Means the spirit of God dwell in us, in our flesh or say in our Body.

Find out how people die. When the spirit came out from the human body, then that body is dead. right ... when same spirit stay in the body then that person is alive and we don't fear in him but when that spirit came out from that body then we afraid to that spirit and that spirit as a Ghost of that parson's name. right... means God is inside us. And we die when we don't love other person means other God (human being). Means what ever is happening with us is created by our own, cause we are God. Due to blaming other people who are God, we are destroying ourselves. So be careful don't blame anybody about what is happening with you. It is you who created that and that is happening with you.

Thank you beloved Brothers. Love every person ... what ever they are ... As Jesus says love your neighbours.

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