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I am afk, mia, nowhere to be found today.

Well, except for a little while right now while writing this post.


Bah! It's migraine time again. It's been a while since this happened inbetween the 'bloodlettings'. I blame Gods Unchained. I mean... that game has the 'Just one more game'-factor and that is not smart when your head is already disagreeing with you!

Okay, the migraine was probably bound to happen either way...

Yesterday morning, it wasn't too bad yet, so I played Gods Unchained for a little. Too much brainpower needed and too much frustration at times. Not good! Afterwards, I worked in the garden for about an hour and then in the afternoon, I was done. By the time hubby called on his way home from work, I sounded so bad, he immediately asked what was wrong. Bless that man, he did a detour to grab us some food and loaded the neglected dishwasher for me, while letting me crawl away into the darkness.

I never used to feel like I needed a bed with which you could pull the headspace up. Now that I have one though, I am super happy with it. Whenever my migraines get too bad, I get nauseous and it is so nice to pull up that side of the bed, so I can kinda sit up while trying to sleep and not puke. I managed to get some sleep in, inbetween the being awake and hurting.

This morning, the headache was still pretty bad, but it's starting to go away now. Slowly. I had to turn on the pc so we could make an appointment to get my bike checked out (there's nothing wrong with it, but it's free and for warranty), so I figured I'd quickly write a post about this crap and about why I have neglected to reply to anyone so far. Again.

Maybe tomorrow. For now, I'm going back to doing absolutely nothing and hating it. Just waiting for the bins to get emptied, so I can maybe do some light work in the garden...


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I hope you get better from your migraines and are in good health. a greeting.

I advise you to relax, because if you suffer from a migraine and get upset, it will be worse. We hope you get better and tell us if your discomfort has disappeared. Have a nice day.

Hope you feel better soon @playfulfoodie

I'm glad that your migraines are disappearing, a long time ago I knew a person who suffered from a constant headache, until a doctor suggested that from time to time he go to a hospital and draw a little blood since the headache is It produced the blood pressure, he started to do that and the migraine disappeared. Greetings.

You'll be better soon with God's help. Greetings.