Why You Might Feel Like the Most Emotional Person Around

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Do you know who the Emotional Person is? Do you have any idea what they're thinking? Do you have any idea how easy or difficult it is to be in their vicinity? Most likely, you're thinking, "They're really interesting," or "They make me feel absolutely amazing."

People who are emotive are emotional. These people experience emotions that the most of us do not, which makes them challenging to be around. Extremely emotional persons are easily distinguished by their unstable emotional states of mind. At first glance, you may believe they are having difficulty expressing themselves, but they are most likely outraged and will not say "stop it immediately."


When you're in the presence of an emotionally charged individual, you may say to yourself, "They're so self-destructive." What exactly do we mean? While having the ability to do hurt others, a person who experiences intense emotions may also be unable to regulate their own feelings. But do you truly understand what motivates someone? Do you have any idea what is causing their distress?

Take, for example, the youngster who screams because their parents are exhausted. That is a remarkable feat of emotion management. A softer example would be someone who is inconsolable and grieving over things they could change. Have you noticed a difference? Instead of directing their wrath at themselves, they channeled it at a change agent.

Who are these people who are so tough to deal with, and what do they look like? The majority of us believe that intense emotions are generated internally. As a result, some people get depressed or develop eating disorders. Rather than sensing emotions from below, the Emotional Person experiences tremendous feelings that originate from above.

Take, for example, your own children. The coexistence of a highly emotional and reactive personality with a highly rational personality is likely to occur in the family. People that are highly emotional will dispute and fight throughout the day. And the sensible individual will almost certainly try to reason things out and come up with a solution that everyone can agree on. The problem is that these two individuals are preoccupied with their own issues rather than those of the Emotional Person.

Another person is your companion. There's a chance she'll be overly emotional and sensitive. However, the problem is that she is most likely concealing her thoughts and feelings out of fear. If she attempted to speak about them, she might become highly wounded and furious as a result. The Emotional Person, on the other hand, uses their sense of self-worth to conceal their problems and resist seeking assistance. The continual desire to join in the "game" in order to experience feelings that are different from their own is a distinguishing characteristic of the Emotional Person.

In other words, if you are an Emotional type, you are likely to feel inadequate, unprepared, and inferior to others who are more qualified to accomplish the work. You've most likely been keeping your emotions hidden, which explains why you're so sensitive. You may also be suffering from panic attacks if you are feeling extremely emotional and find it difficult to express yourself in front of others. Soon, you'll be exhibiting the characteristics of an Emotional Person all of the time.

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