///////////////////////////// FOREVER MORE, NEVER ENOUGH? - Wait a minute!

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As these days I am writing a screenplay with this topic "Never enough, forever more", driven by analysing the greed we all fallen unto sometimes the only thing I am thinking of is where is that line?


One of my character is having all the wealth in the world, as he is an elite, my favourite Mr. Obeinheimer. He has even private ozone across his property. But that doesn't satisfy him. He, off course wants and needs more. He wants the planets, he wants all the money in the world and he is creating a genius combining worlds famous genes for his son who can provide him that more, because he can't. So he puts all his investments into that. But hey, life surprises him. His son has another idea of better and more that collides his vision.

Often when we are obsessed with more, because we are focused just on what we currently don't have and we forget how much we have, then we loose it all. Because we gamble with gratitude against some supremer force out there. Don't you agree?

The ultimate peak would simply be happy, joyful, grateful with all what you have and don't have. It(s the perspective, a point of view. Sometimes there is cloud in our view and for the moment we don't see horizon or the sunset, but if we wait moment longer maybe we could see the most beautiful sunset ever, playing trough the clouds with all available colours.

Thing si we need to stop expecting and just dive into experiencing with patience and belief. Maybe not just even that. It can be even simpler than that!

We can only be in the moment as it goes, as it is. I mean what it is there to be expected so much that you need to shake or grasp for more. Why is it not just simply enough.

If you almost survived moment ago you would consider yourself the luckiest person in Universe the moment after, and the breathing would be your biggest wealth and prosperity as you would feel so much blissful and grateful for smallest things you usually don't care about.

So why greedy? In the end it's such a stress and there is nothing beautiful about it. And I think this is exactly why all crypto, including steem has fallen. It's the universal principle that works on all things, no bs.

So whatever you do right now, just relax and enjoy it. Be true yourself. Breathe on... Wait a minute! .... Yeeeessss... The Sunlight rays are amazing...

Dear STEEM I promise I won't be greedy anymore...

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I love greed and things do rise over the rainbow and over the sunset.
Wonderful romantic photo here. Keep going strong.

:) hehhe you know what, greedy me wants to be even more stronger! I'm going on some treatments for that actually, nice to see it works.


I try not to be greedy as well, but im not sure if your post already passed the 7days , otherwise id give you a full upvote.

upvoted, thanks for what you are doing ☺

Forever more, Never enough...
I try again!!!