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We're all human and all do stupid things but what things do you think people look stupid doing? Tell us a few of your own or other people's and why you think people look stupid doing them.


I haven't been around long enough but I am a good observer of humans. There are some things I don't stress myself over, some people I've stopped stressing myself over. I've seen a lot over the years and that's why it sometimes looks like I easily can act unbothered when I see a familiar pattern with humans.

We are all humans and we all do stupid things but some things go beyond being stupid to just being annoying. You can't wrap your head around how people would see the obvious and still choose to ignore it.

What I tag stupid for the sake of this conversation is those who believe they can change anyone. Yo! No one can change anyone and the best we can do is understand this and do what's best for ourselves. I've seen ladies stay in an abusive relationship, even guys and when you ask them what they are still doing there you would hear, "Because I love him or her" which I find stupid because if that love was mutual, you shouldn't be in that position in the first place. Someone who loves you won't put you in a situation where they would physically assault you and then mask it up as care.

The funny thing about it is that, they say is love but the moment the worst happens, let's say the person dies from the physical abuse, the abuser moves on quickly and soon finds another prey especially when people don't know the full extent of what led to the death of the person.

I find it stupid and I think when you don't think too highly of yourself that's when you allow yourself to be subjected to such treatment. I always tell people not to sell themselves short and they shouldn't give a discount either.

It's stupid when you are willing to cross the hurdle for those who wouldn't even cross a puddle for you. It's even more stupid when you carry someone like a bag of rice but they hold you like a pinch of salt and you call it love. Love should be mutual and not one-sided. Those who think they can change the actions of others are funny. You have no power to change anyone when the person lacks the will to realize things and change for the better. Change is internal and most people don't internalize things which is why change becomes harder for them.

The stupid thing people do that annoys me is thinking when they stay long enough with someone they can change him or her. You have to evaluate the reasoning faculty of anyone before you know whether they have it in them to change.

Another one as I earlier mentioned would be those who stay in abusive relationships all for love. This is why I find it annoying because we are to go into a relationship with both the head and the heart... The head to reason things out for us and know when things are getting toxic and the heart for us not to lose touch with love. I feel it's stupid for people to go in fully with their hearts and leave their heads out because these are the people that feel the person would change when he or she clearly lacks the will to change. Humans like taking advantage and when they noticed they have boxed you into a corner, they want to exercise that authority to dish out unnecessary drama on you.

I think it's stupid not to value yourself much and put other people's welfare ahead of your own, knowing you can't fully give out what you don't have. This is why a lot of people struggle. They think they have so much to give out but they are empty on the inside. It's foolishness to try and give out from the emptiness you have inside. You cannot change anyone, so know who fits into your life by the quality of love you have for yourself and let go of those who don't fit in, without apology.

A lot of people look stupid doing all the aforementioned things because at the end of the day, their reasons won't matter and when people get to hear the truth, they would still be blamed for it in the end and there would be no mention of the reasons why they did what they did or why they stuck around long enough to endure all they did.

Thank you for your time.

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