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_ Welcome back to my photography blog. I hope everything is okay with you. I'm fine too.
___ Today will be a trip about the types of traditional and famous dishes in my country !!

_ " Couscous Plate " _


_ A traditional dish in North African countries (such as Tunisia, Libya and Algeria), it is made from corn or wheat flour, and rubbed into small granules that are steamed by a special vessel for it. Nuts or dried fruits can be added to this traditional dish. Easy to prepare and simple in ingredients, it is very useful because it contains important nutrients that are necessary for the health of the body.

_ It is characterized by more than 300 ways to prepare this dish in terms of spices and seasonings that distinguish the flavor of the dish from one country to another.

_ Among the types of this dish, there is only a vegetarian dish, couscous with dates, couscous with sausage, couscous with beans, couscous with fish and seafood, and types of meat.

_ This dish is found in weddings and religious occasions as well.

__ I hope you enjoyed this information about some of the dishes in my country !!

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