Why do Vietnamese bars have collections of random crap??

in life •  5 months ago 

It seems to be a common theme in the smaller pubs and restaurants here in Da Nang and the rest of Vietnam. I don't know if the owners simply don't know what to do with their bookshelves or what but it is something you see in almost any lower-end establishment in the area.


So we got some photos that probably have some sort of significance to the owner, an old unused router that will almost certainly never be used again, some bug spray, a single book, and various other knick-knacks including a jar of some sort of mystery items on the far left there.

The cleaning products and what not well that could probably be stored in the back and not right next to where the customers sit, right? Maybe I am being too fussy but this just seems like the actions of a hoarder to me.

I'm guessing the upper shelves are empty because the owner is about Tom Cruise's height.

I'll still drink here because the beers are ice cold and cost about 50 cents a can. The local cheap charlies always turn up here for a round or two almost every day. Maybe I should stop being so picky.

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