Successful Dialysis With No Calcium This Time

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I just thought that Calcium inhibits the absorption of Caffeine which I use to make my heart pump hard and if not fast but not enough of course to give me chest pains and all those things associated with Caffeine overdose. And so I stopped taking Calcium with my breakfast at dawn prior to my dialysis.

I am just taking those with my meal after we got home just before lunch. But I am not eating an early lunchtime but at around two hours after 12:00 PM so that I will feel hungry and enjoy my meal with at least a few spoonful of my usual convenience food rice in a bowl meal.

I also noticed that my joint pains had an improvement which is a good news for dialysis patients in general. It just means that joint pains associated with being a dialysis patient is alleviated by Calcium, vitamin D, and possibly the vitamin K therapy.

It is because I can pull myself up to the concrete platform leading to our bathroom without needing my father's assistance and it saves him the trouble of lifting that heavy G.I wheelchair with me in it and I am glad that with just a few days the pains in my joints are being eased already.

I am already thankful that I only have a relatively minimal pain (in my standards) and that I am not in misery compared to two to four and beyond years ago. At least I was able to slow down the damage even though it is just too little too late and that physical changes had happened.

It is quite a funny fate because I am really fast bearing to a downhill spiral so to speak but I happen to kick the breaks which is why I am still surviving until now. But now I have to deal with it and to continue to put my trust to God and see what the future holds for me. But good and miraculous things already had happened so I guess I can expect better things and that thought alone makes me at peace and happier.


Thanks for reading. :D

Special thank you to ALL

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C0ME 0N Y0!─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つLET’S GO!

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I've been gone in ages and happy to see you are still in good health.

Hi @dawnsheree I am also glad to meet you again here. I wish all the best in your endeavors.